Monday, June 29, 2009

If You Were Stuck On A Deserted Island

With one super-mini fridge, what five refrigerated items would you take with you?

So our refrigerator is broken. I think it was actually broken for three days before I really noticed it. I kept wondering why my juice was warm, why my yogurt was the wrong texture and why the inside smelled like rotting carcass. Hopefully this is an easy fix but in the meantime we are using a friend's dorm room sized mini fridge.

I left it up to my husband to transfer items from the broken fridge to the mini fride. But, surprisingly enough, not everything fits into this shoebox sized fridge. My husband had to sacrifice some items to the gods of broken fridge food spoilage. I have to say his choice of items differs greatly from what I would have chosen to save.

I would have saved, you know, things like a whole carton of eggs, my $10 five pound bag of pepperoni slices, delicious take-out leftovers and the over priced baby juice. Apparently my husband prefers a fridge full of condiments- like mayo, mutard, salad dressing, marinade, vinegar, soy sauce and barbeque sauce. Apparently its better to have things to dip your food in rather than to have actual real food.

When I challenged my husband on his somewhat odd choice he answered very practically, "we have more money invested in condiments than actual food."


Someone Being Me said...

Eggs are cheap so I can see not saving those. I would save the most expensive stuff and stuff that is good for a long time. I thought pepperoni didn't have to be refrigerated?

NGS said...

Egads! It's like college all over again. In college my mini fridge contained KoolAid, string cheese, and yogurt. I guess those would still be my staples!!

We recently did a major purge of our fridge when we noticed all our major condiments were outdated (ketchup, mustard, mayo, and salad dressing). That was an expensive trip to the grocery store to replace all that, so maybe your husband's on to something!

gudnuff said...

vinegar? soy sauce? aren't those used as PRESERVATIVES? As in...they don't go bad. Do they?

FSD said...