Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kind Of A Touchy Subject?

I walked into an associate's office to ask him a question about our client's responses to interrogatories in a case I'm dealing with.

I walk in, start asking my question but stop mid sentence.

"Do you think we should..."

I looked around the associate's office and saw piles and piles of papers and redwells all over the place. There were stacks of documents growing up out of the floors, and mountains of them bubbling up all over the associate's desk and conference table. It looked like an entire file cabinet died in there but not before expunging itself. I blatently said as much to the associate.

"Wow. It looks like a file cabinet exploded in here."

He looked around, looked at me and solemly replied:

"I hate my life."


paragon2pieces said...


Anonymous said...

That's sad...and just imagining it is making my OCD organizer side twitch a little...

Proto Attorney said...

Sounds like an entry from!

FSD said...

Interesting. On my first day of law school my Torts professor gave us this long lecture about how brutal the law is and how it really needs to be a calling to enjoy it. He said that "50% of all lawyers hate thier life!" Not their jobs. Their life! I thought it sounded foolish at the time, but I think it's true. Scary. And sad.