Monday, June 8, 2009

Fail Day

I officially declare today Fail Day. These are the reasons why:

1. I left the house on time for once! But I didn't realize until I was on the ferry that I forgot to put real shoes on. I walked around the office all day in my super casual beach flip flops. I tried so hard not to make the flip flop noises as I walked by the partner offices.

2. I even had time to make breakfast before leaving the house- I was super excited about my delicious cinnamon toast. Then I took a big bite and tasted CUMIN toast! They are right next to each other in similar containers...gross!

I learned my lesson today. If you are on time and you even get a chance to make breakfast, chances are you are forgetting a something (or two)! A really big something.

When I got home, I made Indian chicken curry with rice and homemade naan bread. Except my no-fail curry recipe was a fail. I put too much tomato paste and it tasted like spagetti o's. I ended up improvising by adding barbeque sauce (all you Indian culinary masters are gasping). But it tasted kinda good :)


FSD said...

Cumin toast! Yuck! I hope I never accidentally taste that.

Homemade Indian cuisine huh? I'm impressed!

Butterflyfish said...

Oh man, cumin toast! Yuck! And flip flops. Wow. That is a rough day.

Tomorrow you'll do it better.

Butterflyfish said...

Also, I just made CF oatmeal with cinnamon, and I smelled it before I put it on. You know, just in case. You have made me paranoid about my spices. :-)

gudnuff said...

I've done the shoe thing. It's funny, because a part of your brain that is normally aware of some slight discomfort in your feet seems to be turned off and you are enjoying the lack of annoyance, enjoying the foot-loose-and-fancy-free feeling until you finally take your eyes southward at some point in the day. You actually view your feet...and you see (gasp!) your comfy shoes down there and you think, oh wonder! And instead of your feet being slightly pinched by good-looking shoes, your face feels hot from the sting of shame. Meh.

Great post! And you are so right: if things are going that smoothly, you know that something got missed.

jls said...

best indian chicken curry recipe ever:

i make it w/o cashews and it's still really good.

newduck said...

Cracking up. Cracking the hell up.