Monday, June 16, 2008

Adventures, Compliments of Baby Bump

I went to the supermarket yesterday to satiate an intense need for chocolate. I walked down the candy aisle and carefully, after much consideration and debate, settled on a milk chocolate and toffee Symphony bar (i.e. I scoured the aisle for sympthony bars, greedily wrapped my hands around two and threw them excitedly in my handbasket).

I turned around to leave, quite satisfied, when my purse knocked over a box of M&Ms. Perhaps that was their way of getting back at me for abandoning them this week? A few packets of M&Ms went flying all over the floor. Great. Just when bending over is becoming difficult, I start to become more clutsy. (This weekend, I also dropped a gasoline pump on the pavement after I pulled it out of my car).

Ok. I took a deep breath, spread my legs wider apart and tried to crouch over to pick up the nearest bag without falling over or losing the contents of my handbasket. My fingertips brushed the very top of the paper. I reached a little farther and with a bit more extending of the arms and a bit more grunting, I finally catch it between my outstretched fingers! Ok, now the hard back the journey upward. Somehow in the process of trying to stand up, the M&M packet slipped out of my fingers and onto the floor, where it joined a dozen of its friends.

That did it. I looked up and down the aisle. Seeing no witnesses, I quickly fled the crime scene.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one trip to the grocery store, when I got back in my car to drive home I realized I forgot sandwhich bags! I ALWAYS do that! Remember something I need when I'm driving away. So I ran back into the store but on the way in I was stopped by a man with shaggy hair hanging around the entrance.

He looked at me and without hesitating asked, "Do you have an extra cigarette I can borrow?"

Um...I have a basketball sized baby belly which is unmistakable and this guy is asking if I have a cigarette?! Well, to be honest, it's not too surprising for the city in which I live. Still, I don't think I look like the type of person who smokes at seven months pregnant...and if I did, do you think I would admit it to a total stranger?!


postscript said...

More exciting than my trip to the grocery store: walk in, buy fruit, walk out. And you got tastier food :]

You definitely have the right to not pick up tiny little packages on the floor at this point--just think, in a few years it could be Baby Palmer's messes that you don't want to pick up.

the dragonfly said...

Fun, fun times. :)

But soon the bump will be gone and there will be a squiggly baby instead!! (Oh my goodness, it is so amazing to meet your baby!!)


Tranny Head said...

Get lace-free and buckle-free shoes now if you haven't done so already!