Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Help From The Dr. Moms Out There

I have this awful pain on the right side of my stomach- just to the right and a little above my belly button. I can't figure out what it is or how to make it go away. I feel fine in the mornings but as each day progresses, the pain starts to materialize.

I asked my doctor and she said "it's normal" OF COURSE and then she said "it's probable the muscles in your stomach stretching and it will probably get worse before you deliver."

Ok, BUT it's only on ONE side. I have muscles all over my stomach, why do they only hurt in ONE spot. It's not that the baby is kicking me more there. AND, I can't let it get worse. Sometimes it's so bad that it makes me cry. It's just awful. My doctor didn't offer any advice about relieving or soothing the pain. This is the only pregnancy discomfort I have but it's bad enough to fill in for the back pain, swollen feet, ligament pain, headaches, etc, that I don't have!

Has anyone else felt this? It's driving me crazy!


the dragonfly said...

Honestly...I had so many pains while I was pregnant that it's hard remember anything specific. Hope you're feeling better soon, sorry I can't help!

CM said...
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CM said...

Not that specific one... but yes.

PT-LawMom said...

I had it, too. I think they call them round muscles or something like that. My doctor said that some areas are just weaker/more nerve-filled than others, which explains why you feel one area so much more than another. Hope the pain eases up soon for you! As soon as I gave birth, all of that horrible pain went away. I know that's not too encouraging, but at least you know that if it doesn't go away before birth, it won't hang around after.