Saturday, June 21, 2008


My belly seems to get bigger everyday. I'm a little concerned. I mean I still have two months to go and at the rate it's growing, forget waddling, I will have to roll up and down the streets. I'm ok with my body right now as it is. I wish I could make the growing stop! But I guess my baby needs to put on some fat, so ok, maybe I'll tolerate it.

I have so much do to in two months: for example- take a birthing class, register at the hospital, finish panting baby's room, buy a car seat, wash the new baby clothes, pack a hospital bag and convince my husband he likes the boy's name I like the most. Oh, dang, I almost forgot about diapers- I need to buy diapers. I didn't get ANY at my baby shower!

At least I don't have time to think about what will actually happen once I get to the hospital. I'm purposefully NOT trying to think about it. I just think about how wonderful it will be when my baby is actually here.

I had another OB appointment . They called last week and asked to change the appointment for a time later in the day. No problem. Then this morning, they ask if I can come in as soon as possible. Ok, still no problem, I understand my doctor has to schedule last minute c-sections. But when I get to the hospital early, they just make me wait around forever. That pisses me off. I went in at 10:30 and they took me to an exam room where I waited for almost an hour for my doctor to come in!

Before the doctor came in I started to get hungry. Then I started to think about the shot they were going to give me. I think the combination had an effect on me because I started to feel light headed and nauseous. Ok, I thought, I'll just put my head between my knees. Too bad I only got about halfway there before my big belly got in the way. So much for that idea. I ran out to tell the nurse I was feeling sick. She helped me lie down and propped up my feet. Seriously, they must think I'm such a wuss. I bet they're dreading the day I go into labor.

My doctor finally comes in. She does the routine stuff and asks if I have any questions. I shake my head "no." I learned long ago that all questions only lead to one answer, "that's normal."

"I can't poop"
"That's normal"
"I can't breathe"
"I get really bad side aches."
"Normal, probably because you can't poop"
"I poop too much"
"Normal- just hormones."
"I get fainty"
"That's normal"
"I'm bleeding marbles out of my eyeballs"
"Completely normal"

It's a little bit frustrating. So I learned to stop complaining. If I ever do have anything serious, I wouldn't know because I'd assume it's as normal as everything else.


the dragonfly said...

I had to laugh at the "that's normal" section. I remember that!!

I also remember freaking out because I thought I could never get everything done in time. The truth is we didn't get everything done in time...but we managed. And you will too!

postscript said...

I was born a full month before my due date. When my mom went into labor, my dad had to go out and buy a crib!

Once, I had to have surgery in my mouth. The surgery was first thing in the morning, so I couldn't eat breakfast. Since my dad managed to forget to eat, afterwards, when I was in recovery, he almost fainted. One of the nurses had to give him her orange juice.


Tranny Head said...

Yeah . . bleeding from the eyes? Totally normal.

Oh - and as for diapers? Don't buy the newborn size - the Size 1 will fit just fine and your kid will outgrow the newborn size ones before you can use up the whole pack!

CM said...

The stuff you have left to do is all fun (except maybe the labor, but don't stress out about it too much -- after doing it once, you realize that whether it's great or not-so-great, at the end you have the baby and the rest doesn't matter). What kind of birthing classes are you taking?

Cee said...

I'm jut taking a one day class offered at my hospital. I don't exactly know what it covers but it's called "Birth Basics" i figure it's nothing fancy but better than nothing. I'm set on an epidural so I don't know how helpful Lamaze would be?

PT-LawMom said...

Don't buy too many diapers. Maybe you could send your Mom out to Costco while you're in the hospital? I got about four packages of newborn diapers only to find that Pumpkinhead came out big and grew bigger quickly so I couldn't use them all. He also had a rash with one brand so I had to switch to another. Just a little unsolicited tip.

I never did Lamaze. I got the epidural and my labor was really smooth. Not sure you really need the Lamaze breathing until you get to those transitional/difficult late labor stages. But what do I know?