Monday, June 9, 2008

Fitting In

It's sometimes difficult to focus when I'm at work. It's mostly because the office is full of.... "colorful" personalities.

I have my own office and I can shut the door whenever I want to but I hesistate to do that because I'm still trying to get to know people. It's hard enough when my assignments don't require any kind of human interaction. I can basically hide in my office all day and sit in front of my computer. So if I shut the door, I feel like no one would come say "hi" and I couldn't partake in the wonderful excitment created by my peers.

The two paralegals outside my office usually turn on their radio while they work. Sometimes they grace the office with sounds from Paula Abdul, Coldplay, Death Cab for Cutie and yes, even Brittany Spears.

Today I discovered that the male paralegal has quite a special talent. He can lisp on command. He proceeded to talk (and even SNEEZE) in a lisp all morning. The amusement wore off about thirty minutes into it but I was practically rolling on the floor with laughter for the first part of my morning.

Two weeks ago, this man- a thin, wiry gay man- took a $75 bribe to attempt to grow a mustache. It took the entire two weeks but finally his upper lip grew some facial hair. When one of the attorneys filled it out with mascara from her purse and put a sombrero on his head (I have NO IDEA why there is a sombrero at our firm) he looked quite comical. Last Friday some people met in the conference room after work for a "Going Away Party" for the mustache. Apparently the ten minute shin-dig was complete with booze and dancing.

Then there is the lawyer with the office right next to mine. I can usually hear him answering his phone one of the following ways: "lay it on me" or "wuz up." When he isn't working furiously behind closed doors, he spends half of the day making random comments in his best Sean Connery accent. It's pretty close to the real thing. Sometimes I think Sean Connery has taken up residency next door.

So far, I'm the quiet one. I haven't found a way to break into their little conversations or amuse them with my own talents yet. I have to walk by the paralegals everytime I go to the bathroom or to lunch, but I can never think of anything interesting to say. Ugh. I feel like I'm back in highschool trying to fit in.

With the attorneys, it's another matter. I have no problem finding something to talk about. Two associates took me out to lunch last week and I had a great time. They were as nerdy as me!

Man attorney: "do you find yourself correcting other people's writing everywhere you go? For example, this menu has a misplaced modifier."
Woman attorney: "my pet peeve is the incorrect use of a plural possessive"


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Don Mills Diva said...

Your office sounds pretty damn fun!