Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Regarding Things That Are Growing: Baby Bump & Love

Nope, I don't waddle yet. When do pregnant people start to waddle? I expected to be at that stage already with just 2.5 months to go.

When I got pregnant, I read all the horrors that abound and plague people during pregnancy. I'm still quite amazed that I feel so great. It's a little awkward to bend over, tie shoes, pick up renegade skittles off the floor- but other than that, I feel normal. Oh yeah, except the expanding bulge at my waist.

And this baby kicks me all the time. It's funny to feel and watch as parts of his body circle my belly in the form of a lump, much like a shark circles a boat in cartoons. I always feel him moving around like crazy after I eat. He is mostly good and doesn't bother me at night when I'm sleeping.

People are really nice. Even strangers. They let me in the elevator first. They smile as I pass. They are extra vigilent about opening doors for me. Just as long as they don't tell me I "glow" because then I start to worry that I might be sweating or something.

I'm just so anxious to meet this little baby. I can't believe we will be growing our family by one more. I'm so excited to have someone else to take care of and love. Right now my life is already so full of love and I know the love you have for your own baby is just simply enormous. I can't fathom having so much love in my life. I can't begin to grasp or understand how much I will love everything about this baby. I have no special expectations for him to meet beyond the fact that he will exist. That's all it takes for me to love him.


Tranny Head said...

Well - I don't know how tall you are, but I'm short so I waddled at around 36 weeks. I think taller women have it easier . . . my baby was also huge so his head was slammed up against my cervix for the last two months of pregnancy and his feet were up under my ribcage.

I know it gets harder to wait the closer it gets to due date! The last two weeks were my hardest . . .

Googie Baba said...

Can I just say I totally relate to Tranny Head. I'm short and my son was huge. The last month I couldn't breathe because he was sitting on my lungs.

But I relate to you too. I just couldn't wait to meet him. AND he kicked me all the time so I never worried about whether he was ok or not, he let me know that he was.

Proto Attorney said...

Yeah, yeah, rub it in. I waddled because my pelvis was separating and if I didn't keep my knees together I would likely split in half. Also, the kid's feet were in my ribs from the point she actually had feet.

I'll pay you to have my next baby. LOL

the dragonfly said...

What a sweet post. It truly is amazing to meet your new child, all red and wrinkly. Love abounds.

And that "niceness" you're experiencing...for me, at least, it hasn't gone away yet. If I'm pushing a stroller or carrying my son people open doors for me, they smile, they ask how old he is (instead of when I'm due). I like it. :)