Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Waiting Game

It's the time of year when grades start to trickle in. A solitary grade magically appears on my transcript one day. Another day or two passes before it is joined by another. This drags on untill all grades are slowly and finally revealed. It's a nerve racking phenomenon. Why can't professors just end our torture on one day?

I have four out of my six grades to date. I really can't believe it. This semester I got pregnant, surfed baby websites instead of doing homework, skipped half of my classes, slept through the other half, failed to complete even HALF of the reading assignments, then crammed like crazy the two weeks before finals. And so far (fingers crossed), this is my best semester yet!

So far, the less I care about grades and classes, the better I do. Either I've learned how to better and more efficiently prepar for exams, or I've learned how to bullsh*t my way through it all. I don't really care which it is, as long as the grades keep coming in the way they have been.

Unrelated note: I watched the movie The Firm last night. I was really looking forward to it because I read the book last week. The book was really good. The movie....sucked a big fat one. I didn't exactly mind that the plot differed significantly towards the end (ok, maybe I did) or the outdated fashion and furniture, what mostly got to me was the poorly delivered lines, that it moved too quickly through the plot and how freakishly boring it was.

The book is a thriller, a nail biter. I read it in three days. But during the movie, I was trying not to fall asleep. Ok and the ending DID make me mad. It didn't follow the book AT ALL. I thought the book had a great ending and I hate the fact that Tom Cruise was able to find a legal "happily ever after" way out. It was just ridiculous and unbelievable. The book was more disturbing (in a good way) and kept you guessing.


postscript said...

I hate it sooo much when the movies of my favorite books get completely ruined.

I think the problem is that they never look exactly like them did in my head.

Butterflyfish said...

I was soooo pissed at the ending when I saw that movie years ago. Sooo pissed.