Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Names: There Could Be Hope

My favorite baby boy's name is Henry. I love it. It's classic and strong and I think it's even making a come back recently. But my husband never seemed crazy about it. I think his first reply when I told him I liked that name was, "meh."

So I took the name and stored it in the very back of my mind and at the bottom of my hopes. I thought that maybe I could talk my husband into using that name for our second son, a couple years down the road.

Since then we have talked about the name Nicholas. I love the name Cole and Husband thought Nicholas was nice- (Cole is an alternative nickname for Nicholas). Then I started having second thoughts about the name. One day my husband randomly brought up the name Jacob. I fell in love with Jacob immediately. I was satisfied that we had picked "the one" and started to call the baby Jacob.

THEN my indecisive husband threw Benjamin into the mix. We had discussed it before and both agreed that we liked it. We talked about using it for a future kid or as a middle name. But my husband found out that a recently married couple we know also like the name and he's determined to use it first. Typical guy-competativeness thing I guess.

So we had gone from Nicholas to Jacob to Benjamin. I stopped telling people that we had a name picked out because it seems to change as often as the gas prices in our city. We both decided that we would wait to see what Baby Palmer looked like before settling on a name for sure. I guess that's smart. I have this little delusion that he will pop out and we will stare into his eyes for the firt time and exclaim, "he looks like a [insert baby name]."

Then this morning, I started talking about our list of baby names when my husband suddenly says, "Now I kind of like the name Henry. Yeah. Henry Palmer sounds nice."

I started feeling warm and tingly and my breath caught deep in my chest. "Yeah it does sound nice." I'm just so excited that the name Henry is even a possibility -- I almost don't care that Husband only likes it because he thinks it was his idea all along.


the dragonfly said...


We had name drama...we picked one name right after we found out we were pregnant, decided that was it, and went forward that way. Then, at 26 weeks, I finally told my husband that I wasn't as fond of it as I had been in the beginning. He was upset - the name we'd chosen is his middle name - but he understood that I didn't want to name a baby something with a nickname I really didn't like. Anyway...I told him he could choose anything as a replacement (although I had veto power) and the first name he chose was one I love and had originally wanted.



CM said...

Henry Palmer is a good strong name. I like it. If you need to, wait until labor and then insist on Henry!

Proto Attorney said...

We picked out names based on the fact that they were the only names we could agree on! At least you have lots of options! :)

Tranny Head said...

Henry is nice . . . . but I hate the shortened form of "hank"

Let him think what he wants and then once the name is on the birth certificate, you can tell him you thought of it first!

baby boy said...

our first baby name is Henry, it was my first choose on the name list.

PT-LawMom said...

I think Henry is a great name. It's definitely difficult to choose. I don't think we had to do the birth certificate until late on the second day after birth so you have some time to think about it. Hope your hubby sticks with your choice. :)