Sunday, June 15, 2008

Repaying Debts


I got my first paycheck last week from my new employer. The biggest single paycheck of my life. I could really get used to this full time employment thing.

Now I can FINALLY pay my bills, credit cards, and library fines. I hate the feeling of owing money. I hate that it looms over me like a big black cloud. Most of all, I hate living paycheck to paycheck while my credit card balance grows fatter. I was spoiled when I was still a dependant and my parent's medical insurance covered EVERYTHING. Ugh. No one tells you about the bills you begin to accumulate as a result of becoming pregnant.

But with my paycheck I was finally able to clear most of my debts (aside from the obvious and enormous law school tuition). Surprisingly, doing so almost feels as good as if I would have bought myself a brand new laptop or some other fun toy.

The past two days I have been getting missed calls from an 800 number. Whomever they were, they called me eight times in a 30 hour time period but never left a message even once. It was driving me insane! Apparently, they were one of the number of businesses or medical care providers that I owed money because after I paid all my bills, the calling stopped.

I feel so much lighter now. It's amazing. I think I'll go out and buy some chocolate. And pay cash for it!

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