Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Excitement On Hold

I'm feeling left out. All my classmates are signing up for fall semester courses. Signing up for classes had always been my favorite part of school. On a fresh sheet of paper, each class still looks interesting and exciting. My disillusionment isn't broken until AFTER classes actually start and I realize that they are like all the other ones I've taken.

This year I'm EXTRA excited to sign up for classes. After gaining more experience drafting motions, writing interrogatories, and being a part of litigation strategy- I'm ready to soak up some more knowledge. I want to take classes that will improve my work at the firm I am currently with.

I feel a lot of loyalty to the firm I work for this summer. It's only a summer internship but the managing partner has already asked me to send my resume in next summer and to apply for a position when I graduate. Yesterday, the associate I'm working for told me my writing was better than his- probably not true but nice compliment! Other partners I've worked for have given my work a lot of kudos. I feel valued here and I want to learn even more so that if I get to come back, I will be extra helpful.

But I'm taking the semester off. Once the baby is here I know I will be glad about my decision. But right now I feel a let down. My excitement to start a new semester will have to be put on hold...until January.


Infant Attorney said...

That's fantastic that you're working at a firm that appreciates you and your contributions. I can honestly say that if my efforts were appreciated more often I would be a much happier associate.

Enjoy the time off with the little one. Trust me, law school and your career will still be there after a few months.

Portia said...

I know it's sad but you're going to LOVE being at home with the little one! And YAY for the job!

LEO said...

Really, you are just making your favorite thing that much better ... by the time you sign up for classes in January, you will be that much more excited to sign up, and the excitement might even last longer than the first day... Plus you'll still get my favorite part of school (hearing all of the gossip from summer)! Excitement on Hold is better than no excitement because you're too stressed out to care about the little perks of law school