Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The Legal Messenger is an interesting creature. Until two weeks ago, I had actually mistaken the shaggy-haired, cut-off jeans wearing, arm tatooed, unkept man with the large dirty knapsack that kept showing up in our office for a bum who I presumed had repeatedly gotten lost or followed an attorney in looking for handouts.

But apparently he is our firm's trusty Legal Messenger.

And, as the legal secretary pointed out to me, he wears a bicycle helmet. I guess bums don't wear bicycle helmets? So really, the only way to distinguish a Legal Messenger from a bum is by the bicycle helmet.

I don't know about you but when I draft an important letter (cause everything I draft is important- of course!) to opposing counsel or when I put together a stauts report for an insurance company about their case, and I mark "Via Messenger" at the top, I kind of picture my important document as being delivered by a clean shaven man in a freshly pressed suit. At the very least, a man with a UPS-ish uniform.

I also expect my important document to be delivered via a secured and professional looking suitcase, not a knapsack that looks like it has been camping in the Alaskan wilderness for about a year.

I guess I should learn not to judge people by their appearances or to be so presumptuous. I just have to remember not to offer our Legal Messenger a dollar next time I see his scrubbulous self in the elevator.


Tranny Head said...

You forgot to mention that he also reeks of BO - they always reek. *gag*

emily1274 said...

I think the "homeless" look is a cover so that the general public (or bad people) don't get the idea to steal very important legal documents. Think of him as a legal messenger spy! ;)