Monday, July 7, 2008

Nesting Is For The Birds

My husband's favorite part about my pregnancy so far is hands down this weird nesting phase I'm going through. My husband, the neat freak, is ecstatic due to the fact that the kitchen is sparkling clean even though he hasn't placed one 409-wielding hand in it all day.

The baby's clothes are all washed in special baby detergent, folded according to size and organized by type in the baby's dresser. The baby's room is organized, yes even the closet *gasp!* I'm know for throwing all clutter into closets when I clean a room. Isn't it amazing how quickly a room can become presentable when everything is in the closet? It's like, once something is in the closet, it doesn't even exist! Hmm....that's must be how I lose everything too.

I made dinner tonight- from SCRATCH. I even prepared some meals for the next couple days. Then I made toffee peanut butter cookies! I totally broke the world record for putting cookie dough batter together in just three minutes flat. Then I did the dishes. All of them. EVEN the silverware (which I usually leave in the sink for the next poor bastard who comes along in desperate need of a spoon- almost always my husband). The kitchen isn't just CLEAN, it SPARKLES and is 99.9% bacteria free (why do cleaning supplies always claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria- can that be scientifically proven or is it another marketing gimmick?).

Before my husband went through the house collected trash for garbage day tomorrow- I pulled the plastic garbage bag out of our kitchen trash bin and put it next to the front door for him. You should have seen the look on his face. Wow... I wish my priest had told me this was all I had to do in order to achieve marital bliss.

My outfit for tomorrow is picked out, washed and ready for me to wear. This means that for the first time in probably 6 months, I won't have to get dressed in the dark. I won't have to rummage through the mixed laundry on the floor in an attempt to carry out Mission Impossible: distinguishing clean panties from dirty panties with the help of three out of five senses (no sight and no taste- thank god).

Really, I don't know who this new person is who has taken over my body. I can't decide if I like her or not. I mean, on one hand, my husband is as giddy as a school girl and has given me multiple approving looks... and cleaning is a turn on for him which mean I will probably get lucky tonight. *Wink*wink* On the other hand, I'm pretty exhausted and I have no idea where my day went.... Now where will I possibly find the time to sit on my butt and do nothing?


the dragonfly said...

I never went through the nesting phase...of course, I was on bed rest, so I couldn't have if I wanted to.

But hey, you have a clean kitchen! Fantastic. :)

postscript said...

I think everyone has those days when they go on a cleaning spree sometimes--I know I have. And those cookies sound good :)


Kelsey said...

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Googie Baba said...

Enjoy the nesting thing while its here.. because the housework all falls to hell once the baby is born.

And I totally think you should enter the cute baby bump contest.