Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Questionable Cliche

We go through toilet paper like crazy. I like to think it's my husband who is the "heavy wiper" (he is the anally clean one- woah, pun was not intended there).

So after going through roll after roll, we finally smartened up and stopped buying the four roll pack. We now buy the hefty 24 roll pack. One problem: we have no where to store 24 freaking rolls of toilet paper. For the past three days, the package of toilet paper has decoratively adorned our entrance hallway. Right when you walk in our house you see, a row of scattered shoes, the armoire we use as a shoe holder and... 24 rolls of toilet paper.

In the past three days, I've walked by that toilet paper a million times. Only tonight, at 11:30 pm did I notice something odd. There is a picture of a smiling baby on that pack of toilet paper. Hmm, now that I think about it- many toilet paper commercials also feature babies. Maybe it has something to do with the cliche "soft as a baby's bottom."

But WAIT A SECOND!? Babies don't use toilet paper!

(come to think of it, neither do bears but that hasn't precluded the use of those creatures in toilet paper ads either) Wow, why hasn't this bothered me before? Maybe because I never had to buy diapers before? Ridiculous marketing campaigns will get me to buy anything- literally.


Tranny Head said...

I'm sure they use those bears because nobody wants to think about a big hairy dude wiping his ass . . . you know, the guy who is actually using their product. They figure bears are cuter and so are babies. I mean - it's tough to market tp. Though if I were the marketing guy, I'd totally use the really fat hairy dude and say something like "if it can work for him, it'll work for you"

newduck said...

Plus bears are famous for shitting. In the woods, right?