Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Actual Law School Related Post!!!!

Why do Registrar's Offices suck? At least the one at my law school sucks. In a perfect world with a perfect Registrar's Office (or at least a decent one) I would be signed up for the only two classes that actually mattered to me this upcoming semester. Instead, I'm stuck with Practice Management and Underwater Basketweaving Law (ok, not really).

I e-mailed the Dean as I was instructed to do and informed her that I was returning to the land of the living. The land where a daily routine does not involve guessing the mustard color of baby poo (grey poupon, dijon, honey or regular?) or evading air borne chunky milk spit up. Where people have actual conversations about world events and not "Oooo. Can you say 'oooooo.' How about 'gaaaaah.' Gaaaaah, ooooo, gaaaaah." Where people actually get DRESSED in REAL denim (goodbye fleece kitty pajamas- wait, do I even own jeans? I totally forgot). In other words, my leave of absence is over!

But while they assigned me a registration time and date. The geniuses at the Registrar's Office forgot to remove the block from my account. Of course the two classes I really wanted only had 3 or 4 available spots by the time it was my turn to register. So as soon as possible, I signed on, checked those classes and hit submit. It took me 10 mintues to realize my block was still on. It took another 15 to get ahold of the Registrar's Office and get them to clear my account. By the time everything was figured out- all the spots were GONE!

The worst part is that my law school nemesis got into one of those classes. And she didn't even want to take it in the first place. She only decided to take it because I told h er how much I was looking forward to it. Then she did some research and figured out the Prof is super easy. She just wants an easy "A" but I actually WANTED TO LEARN. Go figure.

Oh well, I'm just happy to be signed up for classes again. I know this sounds messed up, but I LOVE law school. Even the parts of law school that make me want to shrivel up and die (like outlines and exams and Socratic Torture), well, I LOVE to hate them. NERD ALERT: I'm so excited to be joining the ranks as a 3L! These are the classes that (in addition to Jacob) will be running my next couple months:

UCC Sales and Secured Transactions (Yum! I HEART contract law)
Payment Law (ick! otherwise known as designated web browsing time)
Constitutional Law of Terrorism (YAY- with former U.S. Attorney!)
Corporate Governance (not sure???)
Applied Law and Practice Management (might be ok???)
Administrative Law (ick)


LL said...

Admin law was my least favorite law school class, but that was at least half the professor's fault. And I totally know what you mean about looking forward to school again, I was home with landon for almost 8 weeks during the summer before Fall quarter started and I have never been so excited for the first day of school :)

LEO said...

Of course they wouldn't make it easy! Sounds like you have a full load for next semester, but with your new-found perspective on life, I'm sure it will be a snap :)

I'm excited for you to be back in school!

Also, I second LL re: Admin Law -- I'm taking it pass-fail right now and can barely keep my eyes open if I go to class.

Anonymous said...

6 classes your first semester back? Ouch!

gudnuff said...

OMG. You heart contract law?! Please tell me more about it!!! Please, please, please, please, please. The parts that you love...any clue as to how you'll apply this knowledge? Assuming you truly love it, I'd expect you to want to incorporate it into your job search SOME kinda way. So, if you were to raise your hand and say, "Why do we even need to know this stuff anyway? It's not like we'll really use this in the real world." - which I'm totally joking about (I'll send you $200 dollars if you do it and publish the video on youtube, HA!) - what would be the non-sarcastic, honest answer?

Hey, does my offer constitute a contractual obligation? Do we have a contract here?

gudnuff said...

also: Applied Law and Practice Management - so if somebody like me wanted to know more about what that class covers, how would someone like me make that happen? Other than getting that info from someone like you...

Oh, I'm gonna google it, don't you worry. ;0)

FSD said...

Hopefully you can get into the class your nemesis stole from you during adds/drops. I loved UCC Sales and Secured Transactions! Corporate governance sounds like it'll be interesting.

You had me cracking up about the "oooh" and "gaaah" conversation. LOL. You're a hoot!

FSD said...

Oh, I hearted (notice the past tense) contracts law, too! In fact, I was a contracts tutor as a 2L. Couldn't do it my 3L year because I was on the law journal board. Now that I'm in practice and deal with contracts WAY TOO MUCH, I dislike contracts law. LOL.

Trannyhead said...

You LIKE law school? Eww.

PT-LawMom said...

Bleech. I have to return for Admin in the summer and am soooooooo not looking forward to it. But I know what you mean about getting back. I couldn't wait to get back to work after Pumpkinhead was born!