Monday, November 24, 2008

Any Airborne Pig Sightings In Your Neighborhood?

Pigs must be flying somewhere.

Husband: "Maybe we can go to bed early so we can cuddle a bit."
Me: "Really? You actually WANT to cuddle? You're not even begging for sex? That's the sweetest thing ever."
Husband (trying to regain his manhood): "I mean. I want to 'man cuddle'."

I don't care what he has to call it in order to justify it to himself. Cuddling is cuddling. And I love it.


Googie Baba said...

Waah. You guys are cute.

LEO said...

hahaha. I guess every relationship is different. In mine, "let's cuddle" is my husband's code for "I know you don't want to have sex, but let's go cuddle in bed and maybe, just maybe, you will change your mind and give in."

Man cuddling is something I have never heard of and I would be interested to know what makes it masculine ;)

FSD said...

LOL. How cute! So what exactly is "man cuddling"? Is that a different term for sex? Or did he really just want to cuddle?

A local paster recently challenged married couples to have sex for 7 days straight. I told Trevor that I think these challenges are so funny, and it's funny that it's always the male pastors that come up with the idea. Where's the 7 day cuddle challenge?