Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello Remember Me? I Used To Be The Quiet Whale Sitting In The Corner Office

Jacob and I went on an outing to downtown Seattle. While we were there we stopped by the firm I interned for this summer. I felt weird going there at first. I had only worked there for three months. Was it too presumptious to assume that they would WANT me to stop by?

But the second I walked in I felt at ease. The receptionist stopped us at the door (with my big honking jogging stroller blocking all front entrances- it's like the huge, lifted, pick up truck of strollers). Before I knew it, a crowd of old co-workers had huddled around us. I tried to make my rounds down the hallway but in thirty whole minutes I probably travelled a total of five feet.

Walking into the building, getting on the elevator and stepping into the office was a major deja-vu. I almost felt like I had arrived for another day of work. Walking down the hallway with Jacob, I had to stop myself from automatically waltzing into my old office- it was occupied with someone else's suff.

I loved being back! I talked with the associates and caught myself up on all the cases I had worked on. I even got a copy of the 36 page motion to dismiss (about 20 pages of which I had written) for one of the big cases. The associate had actually used a majority of my work word for word!

The only two partners in the office that day were people I had barely taked to. Since I left one of them had a baby of him own. This time we chatted away about all things baby. Look at me, a partner is asking me baby advice!

It was so much fun seeing all their friendly and familiar faces again. I have always been a shy person and when I worked at the office this sumer I was no different. For some reason, I have always had a hard time treating "real adults" as my peers. I always feel like the teenager in a room full of a grown ups and that makes me more reserved and respectful (as opposed to chatty and easily befriending). But for some reason, since having Jacob, I feel like I have been initiated into the "real adult" world. I feel that I have more clout and that I am "one of them" now. I felt more comfortable chatting with the associates as if I was almost a peer rather than an underling (although I still have one more year of school before I'm a lawyer).

Oh and Jacob charmed the pants off everyone, of course!


postscript said...

LOVE the hat :) Of course they loved Jacob, he's adorable.

Trannyhead said...

People at offices LOVE having babies stop by. I bet they were particularly happy to see your gorgeous little boy.

FSD said...

What a fun outing for you and Jacob! By the way, I LOVE his hat! That's awesome that your work was used in the motion to dismiss. That had to feel great!

BTW---you don't strike me as the shy type. :- )