Monday, November 17, 2008

A Positive Outlook And My Son The Pig

A quick, positive Mom update: she's staying at a specialized hospital for the entire week so that doctors can keep on eye on her and diagnose her properly. They are all confident that her condition is fixable. She continues to act a little loopy but for the first time I feel good. I feel like there is hope and an end in sight. The hardest part now is just leaving her alone in her small room an entire city away.

Now for the Jacob news. I've been keeping a bottle and formula in my diaper bag for emergency situations (in case other people watch him and they run out of frozen breast milk). Today at the hospital I decided to give it a try. I have been really nervous lately about him not taking to formula. Next semester I go back to school and I think it would be A LOT easier if I didn't have to pump and store/carry milk around with me at school (although I originally thought I would do this). And I hate to say this but I'm getting a little tired of being Jacob's only source of food (unless I actually think ahead and store some milk in the freezer). It can be a lot of stress and worry being the only one who can feed him as I have to plan my day around his feedings. Basically, I'm on demand every three hours. While there are some parts of nursing I enjoy, I'm looking forward to putting it behind me as a blissful memory.

Today I offered Jacob 4 oz of just formua and he GULPED it down! Phew, looks like I have nothing to worry about next semester. He is seriously one indiscriminate kid about what goes in his mouth. In fact, don't get too close or you will find two vacuum-like baby lips wrapped around your hair, finger, shirt, or even your neck. I even catch him sucking on his own shirt when it gets bunched up in front of his face. He is a man with a plan. And that plan is to gorge himself on anything within chubby baby arm's reach.


newduck said...

I hate to be a black cloud over anything in your life right now, cause it sounds like you're having a really hard time with your mom. However, I should warn you that if you don't give him formula somewhat regularly, he may get used to just breast milk and eventually reject the formula if you try to give it to him. My duckling LOVED formula, but then I didn't give it to her for a while and she decided she didn't want anything but breastmilk. You may want to just give it to him every couple of days just to keep him used to it?

Totally unsolicited advice. Shame on me.

FSD said...

I'm so glad things are looking up for your mom. I'll be praying that the doctors have wisdom in diagnosing what's wrong. Keep us posted and hang in there!

That's great that Jacob took the formula! Hopefully he'll keep it up when you return to school.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I've been pumping at school and it's not so bad. Kind of a nice break, and I do think it helps the kiddo not get sick. And it's cheap. I can totally respect the decision to wean, and I'm looking forward to it soon myself, but I wanted to give another perspective.

and glad that your mom is getting good care.

LEO said...

so glad to see some good news about your mom! I'm really praying that you have already been through the worst and things keep improving!

Also, it must be so nice to have an easy eater. I plan to breastfeed and pump next semester and I know several women who have, so it's always there for you if you choose, but it's definitely good for piece of mind to know that you'll be able to switch if you decide