Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Japanese Rash Peanut Butter

You can seriously find ANYTHING on google. Or you can at least try. Sometimes you get exactly what you are searching for. Other times, you get my blog.

Here is what some of my readers WANTED TO FIND:

"Melted Barbie head" - (reminds me of what I used to do to Barbies)
"Japanese rash peanut butter" - (I don't want to know)
"Baby with two bodies" - (can you simple change his body when your baby gets poopy?)
"Hummingbird sex" - (how DO they have sex when they fly around so fast!)
"Obama is a hottie" - (Yes, he is!)
"Guys smell like shit" - (Unless you are my husband, then you smell like half a bottle of cologne that resembles floor cleaner...wait...IS IT floor cleaner?)
"Eggbeater sex toy" - (why hadn't I thought of that?)
"Driving naked sucks" - (if you get pulled over it does- TRUST ME)
"Law school eats your brains" - (and your wallet)

These search terms are so exciting, I feel bad that all they got was me. I should make t-shirts that say, "I googled 'Eggbeater sex toy' and all I got was Cee's blog."


LL said...

Ha!! I love the last line, that could totally be your blog's header.

newduck said...

I love it. You should see some of the crazy things that bring people to my blog. Mostly I just don't want to know.

About the formula. I did start mixing a little bit of formula at a time into her bottles, and eventually managed to get her onto pure formula. She's been drinking it for about a month now and doesn't even seem to notice. After that first horrible night where I tried to get her to take it cold turkey, I didn't have any problems at all, and it only took about a week.

Good luck!

Infant Attorney said...

I love looking at that stuff. I never seem to get anything as intersting as you though. Maybe I need to spice up my blog a bit.