Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brimming With Joy (& Christmas Music)

Ever since I heard about pandora.com, I've been obsessed with playing Christmas music all day long!

This evening after Jacob was put to bed, I was doing my daily blog reading and listening to a string of holiday melodies. Out of nowhere my husband laughs and says, "You're cute Cee." His statement was dripping with endearing love and light hearted ridicule.

"What? Because I'm listening to Christmas music?" I asked indignantly?

"No because you are singing along to it. By yourself. And it's ridiculous."

I guess I had been singing along to "holly jolly christmas" without even realizing it. But seriously, my singing isn't THAT bad. And I love christmas music. There is just something about knowing all the words to feel-good tunes that elicit childhood memories of Christmases past. Who can listen to it WITHOUT singing along? Only a cold hearted Grinch!

But if my husband thinks THAT is ridiculous, I'm gad he's not home all day to witness me singing boisterously to Jacob (complete with AMAZING dance steps, facial expressions and hand gestures). Jacob LOVES christmas music too. Especially when I sing it!


gudnuff said...

I bet he hums to himself while perusing Cottage Living Magazine! He best use the word "cute" very judiciously. Don't you agree? I mean, I'm sure he's a great guy, etc. ...but people in glass houses...that's all I'm sayin'........

LL said...

hahaha, I love pandora.com- it's the first website I bring up when I log into my work computer. I've had Frank Sinatra's Christmas "station" playing since Dec 1 :)

And I love the image of you singing and dancing for Jacob, before you know it, he'll be dancing with you!

LEO said...

How can you NOT sing along?!? Especially to Christmas music.

It's funny because the normal things don't predictably make the baby move around in my belly (like cold drinks or OJ), but he always moves when I sing (which is all the time, especially in car rides). I can't decide whether he really likes my voice or he hates it.