Saturday, December 27, 2008


This didn't last. Tonight Jacob spent 45 minutes crying screaming about an hour before bedtime. Then AT bedtime he screamed 40 more minutes before I couldn't stand it anymore and was teetered on the edge of causing bodily harm to anyone in my vicinity. I reluctantly picked him up and nursed him to sleep. Another damn point for the baby.

It's the sleep deprivation talking but I'm so frustrated I want to take a bat and smash something. And I'm so freaking tired of hearing about other people's babies who sleep like angels.

I know I need to be patient and just appreciate my time with Jacob but I'm due some serious sleep/me time. And I'd sell my last pair of clean underwear to get it.

Oh wait, I'm wearing them and they have already been reversed for day #2. How the hell do mothers of demanding infants find time to do laundry???


Butterflyfish said...

The lesson in the post about my neice: don't begin any ridiclous routine you wouldn't be willing to continue when he's two and a half.

That said, it does usually get easier. Also, I always ran the washer at night before I fell asleep and threw clothes in the dryer after the morning feeding when he was in a good mood. Also, I never folded or put away laundry, I'd just carry underwear up from the basement a few pairs at a time. :-)

My sister's solution: her husband runs the laundry.

Proto Attorney said...

Have you read the book Baby Wise? If you haven't, go get it immediately. I waited too long to read it and went way too long getting up in the middle of the night for multiple feedings. Less than a week of Baby Wise... she was sleeping through the night.