Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Class Update

When I talked to my law school nemesis the other day, I discovered that we had signed up for THREE of the same classes- so I went home and fixed that right away. How is it you never happen to sign up for the same classes as the people you like?

Now I'm officially taking the following classes*:

UCC Sales and Secured Transactions
Payment Law
Corporate Governance
Financial Institutions
Administrative Law

I will have class all day Tuesday and Thursdays (from 9am to 6pm). But that gives me the rest of the week to play with Jacob instead of doing my homework!

*We are still taking one class together. But I think I will really like that class so I'm not letting her take it away from me!

1 comment:

gudnuff said...

You're going on my Shero list. First, because you know enough about yourself to feel comfortable avoiding your nemesis (I tend to choose to suffer...because I'm real smurt that way...). Second, because you won't let her stop you from taking a class you'll enjoy...and still enjoy yourself while taking it. Third, because you blog and comment and are articulate, thoughtful, supportive, and productive...I daresay...prolific. Fourth, because you seem spunky. Which means your gutsy, but cheerful about it. And you're smart, not just smurt.