Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Haunted by Christmases Past

There will always be that one toy that you desperately wanted as a child. One year you asked Santa to bring it to you for Christmas (and maybe you asked every Christmas until you were 15). But every year, the toy elluded your greedy little kid paws. The wanting continued... until your hope dried up and your heart grew hollow. And you lost all faith in Santa and his STUPID ELVES (why couldn't they just get it right?).

Eventually you stopped trusting the world and your outlook on life became dark and full of doom.

And it's all because you never got Go Go My Walking Pup!!!

he's a puppy that walks just like a real dog- he even comes with a pretty purple leash!

Moral of the story- give your kids what they really want EVEN if it does require batteries.

So what toy did Failure Santa not bring you?


LL said...

My sister had that pup and we did get a lot of use and fun out of him!

I had totally forgot about that little guy!

Proto Attorney said...

I always wanted a cabbage patch doll, but my mother thought they were fugly and refused to buy me one. Sadness.

FSD said...

I always wanted a Barbie Dream House. Santa and my mom let me down year after year. :-( Thanks a lot for reminding me, Cee!! Just joking....

Happy Holidays to you and your family!