Friday, December 26, 2008

Jacob's First Christmas

Photos from our two day Christmas Extravaganza!

Jacob and Humphrey the Bear.

This Gap hat is size 0-6 months and it doesn't fit Jacob's HUGE 4 month old head. But he looks like a pirate. A cute pirate!

My dad got stuck in the snow on the way to my grandma's house- he will never brag about his Camry again. My husband had to shovel him out with a dust pan.

The End.


FSD said...

Great pics! Jacob looks like he enjoyed this first Christmas...especially that tasty wrapping paper. :- ) I love your family photo. You look radiant!

Googie Baba said...

These are great pictures! I think mom and dad had more fun then the kid. And we have that the train thing with the animals. its a great purchase. He still likes it a year later.

newduck said...

What a cuuutieee in that blue thing all wrapped up. I also like the "stuff on baby" pictures, especially the one of him in the shopping bags.