Friday, December 26, 2008

Silent Night

OMG. It's a miracle. I still can't believe my ears!!!

I completed the bedtime ritual with Jacob- food, books, saying "goodnight" to everything in the house (including the thermostat, Daddy's Cottage Living Magazine, and Mommy's last year's FAFSA paperwork). Then I swadded him, cuddled him, and set him in his crib. We sang a song or two and I watched him play with his hands for a couple minutes. Then I left the room.

For ten minutes the baby monitor sputtered soft sounds of sleepy baby groans. Then...SILENCE. Complete, golden, priceless silence. I peeked back in and saw Jacob sprawled out in his crib fast asleep. He did not cry. Not even once. This is a glorious night. One point for me. Only 119 points for baby.

I think it's true what the say- a consistent bedtime routine at a consistent time each night, and putting baby to bed BEFORE he is tired is the key. We will see what tomorrow night brings.

UPDATE: Jacob slept for six hours straight! He hasn't slept that long in two months!

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FSD said...

Congrats! It would be awesome if this is the start of something permanent....especially since you're going back to school in a few weeks.