Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Magical Exploding Pooey Volcano

In a previous post, I desperately asked for advice on getting baby poo stains out of cute baby clothing. Then, like all new parents end up doing, I asked my mom. She stopped by our house yesterday for a quick visit so I thought I would subject her to the Dilemma of the Century. I showed her Exhibit A and Exhibit B (two cute sleepers coated in a gooey mustardy substance being soaked in cold water).

Good Ol' Mom's advice: soak them in some vinegar.

"Ok," I told her, "I will definately try that next time."

Then I heard my washing machine buzzer go off. I put the pooey clothes on the floor (they were in a bucket remember? I'm not THAT gross) and I ran down stairs to put my clothes in the dryer.

I came back up just in time to watch my mom pour half a bottle of vinegar into the pooey clothes bucket. Then erupted the magical, colorful, bubbling volcano. Because, I forgot to tell my mom that I had already been soaking those clothes in half a box of baking soda.

The result was much like the volcano science projects you make in third grade. Except much pooey-er. Wonderful!

The Frothy Aftermath:


gudnuff said...

Yeah, but did it help?? I wonder if all that volcano-ing provided a kind of scrubbing action at the molecular level, perchance?

FSD said...

Did the poo come out? How's your mom doing?

Trannyhead said...

I echo the sentiments of the others - I want to know if it worked!

(PS - I used Zout and it worked great for those poo stains.)

Cee said...

nope- didn't work. Jacob is doomed to have poo stains forever!