Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hopefully My Last Blunder Of 2009

Today was a crazy day for me cleaning, laundering, and cooking. My son went to his grandma's house and, OMG, I got to take a shower ALONE!!! He usually insists on sitting in the tub playing with the faucet while I shower. It's not very fun tripping over a 15 month old while trying to rinse that shampoo out of your eyes, especially when the shampoo got there because the 15 month old turned the nozzle all the way to COLD, causing you to jump in the air mid-lather.

So yeah, the shower by myself was AMAZING.

Then I mopped all the floors in the house. And started cooking my very favorite meal- meatball sliders with galric-molasses mini-rolls (thank you Smitten Kitchen). So then I started on a load of laundery. Our couch majorly needed to be washed. I took the blanket we use as a couch cover/slip and threw it in with a load of my whites. (Amber Alert: Cee mixes her colors and whites! Alert the National Guard!). While it was drying I finished my cooking meal and got all my appetizers to the table. When the dryer buzzer went off I pulled just the couch cover out of the machine and draped it (not so) neatly on the couch. Not too shabby.

I finish up in the kitchen until the doorbell rings- woo hoo- my guests have arrived! As I walk to the door, I notice a lavender colored lacey thong static clinging to my couch!! Oh man! I pulled it off and shoved it into my pocket just as my guests were walking in. CLOSE CALL.

I kinda wish I didn't catch it in time. It would have been really embarassing but really funny to have my husband's friend sit on the couch and then pull a lacey thong out from under his butt.

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Anonymous said...

at least they were cute undies. i always worry that the not-so-cute ones will end up on display. our washer/dryer is in the basement and bedroom is on the 2nd floor - so there is A LOT of room for error. ;)