Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Warning: Last Minute Study Prep In Session

My Professional Responsibility exam is in two days and for the first time all semester I am actually reading the Model Rules. I generally know a lawyer's professional obligations from attending my classes,but it's about time I actually read the rules. Isn't it funny how different exam prep is when you are a 4L compared to a 1L? Exams? Ha Ha Ha! They don't scare ME! I think my apathy is actually due to the fact that I always get the same grades whether I am super prepared or barely there- so why bother?

I still find it a little scary that I can be disciplined in my profession even for nonprofessional conduct and activities. Even doctors don't face professional discipline for personal conduct outside of work. This means that I can face disbarment or suspension from practice if I bribe an umpire at my kid's t-ball games. If one year I cheat on my taxes. If I steal a dollar out of the church collection basket. If I lie on my application for membership into the Seattle Astronomical Society. If I get drunk and pull a Tiger Woods. If I get pulled over for texting while driving! If I run naked down my street naked! Oh man! I never knew I would have to sacrifice so many activities in order to become a lawyer.

Along those same lines...today when I went to the public library to study, I faced a moral dilema of epic porportions. The sign on the front entrance of the library said, "No food or gum inside." But I was thirsty- so I put on my lawyer hat and started to think like a lawyer. "By specfically enumerating prohibited behavior, the library is impliedly consenting to all non-listed behavior. Conclusion: I can drink Snapple in the library."

Now I get to send myself a bill for .1 of my hourly rate. What's .1 of $0?

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