Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trouble In The Animal Kingdome

Jacob and I were reading an animal book this morning. I decided this would ge a great learning opportunity and I started to introduce Jacob to all the sounds that animals make.

"Look Jacob, it's a sheep! Sheep says 'baaaah.'"

Turn the page.

"This is a monkey. Monkeys say 'eeee, eee, oooo, oooo.'"

"Can you say bear? Bears say 'Grrr!.'"

"This is a says..... 'ROAR!'"

"And this is a giraffe, a giraffe 'ROAR!'"

"A rhino says............?.......... 'ROAR!'?"

"Ooooh, how about the alligator! An alligator say..... wait a sec? 'ROAR!'"

"Look at the camel Jacob. The camel also says 'ROAR!'"

"How about the lion. I KNOW the lion says 'ROAR!'"

"This is a walrus. A walrus says...........????.....ummmm......"

Jacob looks at me and says, "ROAR!"

Poor Jacob. He will have to re-learn all the animal noises in kindergarten. All his classmates will be able to correctly identify the "growl" of a platypus and, thanks to his genius and creative mother, Jacob will think it says "ROAR!"


LL said...

Hahaha- I remember trying to teach Landon the same thing, thinking it was easy and all animals had fun noises. Then I found myself staring at a bunny, a turtle, and an alligator as the first animals he picked out. Landon now thinks the bunny says "boing boing" as it hops, the turtle doesn't talk (which, I suppose, is true), and the alligator says "grrrr".

They need a parenting class on this stuff.

LEO said...

I thought that I was the only one who said all these animals roar. Timmy would be so disappointed to find out they don't.

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