Friday, December 11, 2009

You Know You're A Law Student When...

1. You frequently update your Facebook status with messages about the law or lawschool classes in order to remind people that you are in lawschool and that makes you AWESOME.

2. When other students desperately hope for snow days to postpone their final exams, you disguistingly hope that it DOESN'T snow because the only thing worse than taking a 4 hour Sales & Secured Transaction exam is to put off the pain and take it in the middle of spring semester.

3. You fight with other nonlaw students about who has it worse. "I have the worst chem test tomorrow." "Oh yeah? I was up all night reading 45 constitutional law cases on the differences between the "rationality" and "strict scrutiny" standards in preparation for my 3 hour long exam! Take THAT!"

4. In procrastinating for your studies, you are likely to do a combination of the following: (1) read up on the Amanda Knox trails and prepare an analysis of her possible issues on appeal, (2) read law blogs, (3) create a Facebook status in accordance with #1 on this list.

4. You require a copy of a fellow student's transcript and resume before you let them join your study group. (Read Divine Detail's take on it here).

5. You laugh at jokes like these:
"You're so childish, they can't even execute you!"
"Your mother's so fat, she holds a joint tenancy with herself. And she's ALWAYS in diversity jurisdiction."

6. Your backpack is half your weight but you still refuse to buy a rolly backpack because, they are SO nerdy. And from a law student, that's saying alot!

7. You consider 5 hours of sleep a good night's sleep.

8. What you owe in student loan debt, other people owe on their mortgage.

9. You can identify intruding undergrads in the law school building because, aside from the fact that they stick out like a sore thumb, they talk about frat parties, school basketball games, and not how much they hate lawschool. Damn undergrads- stop taking up all our tables!

10. There are more bags under your eyes than in the belly of a 737.

11. If you don't get coffee before class, it's a human rights violation. And not just for you but the other students who have to sit next to you.

Edited to Add:

12. Finally, you know you're a law student when your math is so horrible that you cannot count appropriately just to make a simple list, that is why there are two #4s on this list. Yes, I did it on purpose :)


je said...

lol... this is scary true. i actually just spent the last 50 minutes reading up on the Amanda Knox trial. i came to read my blogroll to get away from it! #5 (part 2) made me laugh out loud!

paragon2pieces said...

*sigh* so true. but just think, you are so close to putting all of this behind you. i'm not sure if i'm more jealous of that or the really awesome moose hat ;)

MLC84 said...

I'm not sure about how I came across your blog, but I'm about to start prepping for the LSAT in June. I am getting married in July 2011 and wouldn't start law school (granted I get in) until Sept. 2011. My fiance is totally supportive 100%. Thanks for not sugar coating anything in your blog, I know I have a long road ahead of me!

Anonymous said...

LOL. My backpack was SO heavy!

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