Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Going For The Gold

(Or at least an honorary participant medal)

I'm OFFICIALLY committing myself to run the Seattle Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon at the end of June. I'm so excited I can barely contain myself! Running is (WAS) my passion. I ran in highschool after discovering my only athletic knack during the required mile run in gym class (all the other girls jogged at the bare minimum pace in groups while gossipping about boys while I, the geek that I was, ran alone and far ahead of the boys). I ran varsity cross country and track in college. I ran for fun. I ran for the personal challenge. I ran as if I was chasing an ice cream truck. I was always the happy runner too. Not the overly competitious one (such a better word than competative!). Not the one who was doing it because her dad wanted her to. Not the one who tried to impress her coach. I ran because I LOVED EVERY DAMN SECOND.

After college when I was no longer on a team, I felt like a part of my identity had disappeared. In order to compensate for that lonely, black hole in my heart, I continued running. When I started lawschool I ran an average of 6-8 miles per day my first semester. I trained for the Seattle Half Marathon (my first ever half and the longest race I'd ever attempted). It was amazing. I can't describe the feeling of crossing a finish line after 13 miles. I also can't describe the immense pain that followed the next day after throwing my back out from running too hard.

The half was my favorite distance. It was long enough to be a long distance race but not too long that it required a lot of time spent training. It also wasn't as overwhelming as a full marathon (I don't think I EVER want to do that). Seattle is a gorgeous place to run a half marathon and for a hill junky like me, it was perfect. A LOT of hills to accompany the evergreen trees, the water views and that beautiful waterfront skyline. I completed the race at my goal pace (7:21 minute miles) and listened to a great playlist (you CAN'T run a half without music- NO WAY!). The distance went by rather quickly too. You get caught up in the excitement, the cheering crowds, the hundreds (maybe thousands) of runners along side you of all shapes and sizes and ages.

I ran during my pregnancy (up until I started a summer job and had no energy to run). It kept me feeling in control of my drastically changing body. The fact that I stopped running at the end may have accounted for my 8lb, 8oz baby (I read that if you only run the first half of pregnancy your baby is likely to be bigger). After my son was born, however, I had too much on my plate to run. A c-section does a number on you mentally and physically as well. I couldn't bounce back. By the time I could officially exercise, I had gotten used to my non-running lifestyle and I never got it back.

Hopefully this half marathon challenge will set me back on track- with a little help from my new Nike+ Sportsband! I'm going to join the online running communties and keep track of my mileage online. I'm so excited! I also have an unworn pair of my favorite running shoe: Nike Pegasus. I can't wait to pull them out and hit the pavement!

[End of day dream]

But first, I have to take the bar exam. Then I have to figure out how I will fit my running workouts into full work days with a 2 hour commute and an 18 month old son.... hmmm.....

But my sportsband is so SHINY. And my running shoes are so CLEAN!


MLC84 said...

I'm running the rock n roll half marathon in Chicago in the beginning of August and I cannot wait!!

Anonymous said...

"It was long enough to be a long distance race but not too long that it required a lot of time spent training"

I would like to contest this.

But it's great that you're going to run the half!

paragon2pieces said...

7:21 minute miles!?! i aspire to your greatness :)

i think you're going to have so much fun with this. i used the nike sensor w/my ipod nano and the geekery of the whole thing (esp the challenges on the website) was totally motivating to me when i was getting ready for the austin half marathon.

but, wow, 7:21 minute miles. that's awesome :)

LEO said...

Nothing better than new workout clothes/shoes/fancy, shiny accessories to motivate you! I don't even think I could run ONE mile in 7:21 right now! Good for you ;)

Anonymous said...

You go! I don't love running the way you do, but I do feel damn good after doing it. You will get back into it in no time.

G Love said...

Yeah, so I'm pleased with 10 minute miles. Good grief.

When I had a 2 hour commute, toddler, and 10 hour a day job, I used to run during my lunch breaks. Heck, I was there 8-6, they could spare me an hour or a little more in the middle. I went to a gym on bad weather days, and ran roads or nearby trails on better days. It was a great break in the middle of the day! I had the time for a very quick rinse down shower after - we had a nasty, gnarly old shower at my work which was full of spiders, but I used it. I miss it. Now I'm huge and preg and feel gross.

Can't wait to have this baby out and be back on track!

Googie Baba said...

Good luck on taking the bar!