Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Identity Change (!!!)

I have some exciting news! Starting To Melt is getting a blog make-over! Woo hoo! After two years of a lame blogtitle and lame layout- it's about time! (If you are only born with a certain number of exclamation points to use throughout your entire life, I'm pretty sure I'm already in debt) !!!.

Not sure exactly when the change will happen but be prepared for something a little more exciting. I originally conjured this blog name out thin air with no special meaning or relevance behind the phrase other than I looked out the window one rare snowy day and noticed the snow was "starting to melt"- yes, I told you it was LAME. My intent was to eventually change it someday. Now someday has been two years in the making.

Expect Starting To Melt to slither out of it's old blog skin soon. :)


Amanda said...

fun! :)

Anonymous said...

In a bit of irony, after I read this post about the name, I read an article in the WSJ about band names and how hard it is to find a good one that is not taken.