Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's Your Favorite Suit?

Thanks everyone for turning me on to the Corporette site. It's pretty helpful and a great resource. But many of the suits on the site are either too expensive for me, not my size or not quite right for my age. I have no figure. No curves at all. Think of a 13 year old boy. That's me. Ok, don't think too much of a 13 year old boy- I do have nice legs, thank you very much (at least my husband says I have nice legs...).

Also, I am fairly tall. Not a giant but I definately need a bigger inseam if I want to wear heels. And I'm not too trendy. I prefer classic looks. They look better one me and don't really go out of style. When I try to take on a trend I just look like I'm trying too hard and I'd rather my clothes just kinda blend in nicely with the surroundings and become an extention of me, not stand out like OMG SHE'S WEARING A RED FEATHER BOA (even if all the cool kids are doing it).

I prefer sleek lines, no unnecessary frills, long inseam and NO WRINKLES. I can't wear clothing that wrinkles easily, it's my biggest pet-peeve. But I can't seem to find the right suit in an affordable price range. I don't mind forking over money for a good quality suit, but I'm not about to drop $400 on just a suit jacket. I'm a recovering student, you know. I have to ease my way into spending money again.

The biggest problem is that my lack of curves makes me look like I am swimming in most suits- so I need a retailer that offers smaller sizes (rather than merely directing me to their juniors section).

So, I was hoping everyone could chime in with their favorite women's suit(brand/style). I need to go suit shopping after the bar exam- any special places I should look? If you are on the less-curvy side of the scale, like me, I would especially love to hear from you!


Proto Attorney said...

Being short and curvy, I probably won't be much help. But NY & CO. carries tall sizes, and their clothes are affordable if you hit them at sale time. They aren't worth paying full price for though, because they will fall apart (only good for two seasons' wear at most).

I'd say wear your conservative suits and them spruce them up with fun shoes and/or fun accessories. Then you'll feel comfortable, and fabulous.

Allison said...

I buy most of my suits from Ann Taylor just because I find it easier to shop at one store ever (yeah, I'm kinda lame). Granted, I don't have your body type at all, but they do have petites and their suits are all separates, so you can buy a petite jacket (in a different size if necessary) and that might help you on top. Some of the Ann Taylor suits are too trendy for me, but every now and again they have a great classic suit. Wait 3 weeks or so after they come out because they're ALWAYS on sale after that, it's pathetically predictable. Banana Republic also has good suits, but I find they fit better for people who are more straight up and down than I am (which may be you!).

Anonymous said...

I am tall and thin (5'8" and size 4), and I highly recommend Elie Tahari (*not* the Tahari Arthur S. Levine Classics stuff that you find in some department stores) and Theory. Both are somewhat pricey if you buy them in the boutiques, but if you have an outlet shopping center with Tahari and Theory stores in it, you can get them at the same price as you would pay at BR, Ann Taylor, J Crew, and end up with a superior cut and fit.

Overall, the cuts are fashionable, but not trendy, the inseams are long (in fact, I have to get my Theory pants hemmed, which never happens), and the pants have an elegant, straight leg.

Anonymous said...

I love my Zara suits. They are cut for European women, and I have to get them seriously hemmed a ton, so I think they would work for you! And the price is right - I got suits for $200 total.

Do you have Zara in Seattle? If not, come to SF!

LEO said...

I have a horrible time finding suits. I'm 5'10", not super curvy and have absurdly long arms and legs. Nothing is ever long enough, I've NEVER had anything hemmed, not even my wedding dress. So, when I find something that fits, I spend money on it. I really, really really love theory suits. If you buy them at the outlet stores, they are 40-70% off what they retail for at the department stores. I've heard rumors that if you call them, they'll ship stuff to you. If it were up to me, I would buy one nice three piece suit (pants/skirt/jacket) in basic black and then get more when I had money, rather than buy 3 so-so suits. Then again, you might be in court more than I will.
Happy shopping!

LadyProf said...

Most department stores carry suit like stuff or there are other places in a lot of malls (like Ann Taylor or NY & Co.) that have pieces.

But this is my advice to you - TAYLOR! As in, get one. You can get a suit you like that is on sale that's not quite your size and have it tailored to fit you like a dream.

Lyn said...

OK, I'm pretty curvy and I have shorter arms and legs so I always have to get things hemmed - I think I might be your opposite. But I can tell you what does and doesn't always work the best for me, and you can do the reverse! I have bought all of my suits from J.Crew, Banana, Ann Taylor, and BCBG. I almost always have to tailor them - I have to buy things one size up and then have my pants and jackets taken in at the waist and sometimes in the thigh area. It is amazing what a difference tailoring makes. I imagine that probably Banana and Ann Taylor suits might be too big for you, even in the size 0. I would try BCBG and J.Crew. I know BCBG's pants run much longer than other brands, but their suits can be trendier than others - of course, I have seen basics too. My advice is to find a store (department store or like a J.Crew) with a knowledgable salesperson who can direct you to the cuts that work best for your body type and then recommend tailoring that will help the suit fit even better. Tailoring can be expensive, but it is SO worth it.

I agree with LEO that quality/fit is better than quantity. Where I work, I definitely don't have to wear a suit everyday - I wear a suit maybe every other day. And even if you do have to go to court a lot, no one's going to notice that you're rotating the same 2 suits unless they're like yellow or something, especially if you wear your jacket with a skirt one day and pants the next. But they probably will notice if your suit looks really ill-fitting or cheap.

Anonymous said...

I love J.Crew suits. They are made for women with not a whole lot of curves and they tailor them for free when you buy a full price suit. The first interview suit I bought in college was a black J.Crew suit that I still wear to this day (6 years later). Never goes out of style and has lasted much longer than my Ann Taylor and Banana suits.

jennys said...

cee: i'm five-six and weigh just under 120 pounds. i have some boobs, but other than that no curves. i saw that others have mentioned tahari and zara--i have stuff from both of those stores, and both are nice. tahari is expensive though, i got my stuff as a gift from my mom. this might be too inexpensive for you, but i really, really love the limited. i have four different suits from the limited, two of which i have had for almost 7 years. no frills, they fit smaller people so well, and best of all is the price. i usually shop the sales, so i can get a pair of suit pants (which work well without the jacket) for about $50 or $60, and a jacket for probably $140 or so. they also have great shirts, skirts, and jewelry.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm tall and curvy, so this may only somehwat help you, but I love Anne Taylor and Banana Republic. And I absolutely agree with the woman who said J. Crew is made for tall, thin women. All of J. Crew's clothes are made that way as far as I can tell, I quit buying their clothes a while ago because half the time I was too curvy for them (I have size DD boobs). And they are always classic suits.