Friday, February 19, 2010

What Says "I'll Pass The Bar" Better Than A Scantily Clad Cowgirl?

My bar exam starts on Tuesday. 2.5 days of pure HELL. I check into my hotel Monday afternoon. Then Tuesday morning I have registration starting at 6am. The actual exam schedule looks like this:

8:00-10:15 first session (Qts 1-3)

10:45-1:00 second session (Qts 4-6)

2:00- 4:15 third session (Qts 7-9)

8:00-10:15 fourth session (Qts 10-12)

10:45-1:00 fifth session (Qts 13-15)

2:00- 4:15 sixth session (Qts 16-18)

8:00-10:15 seventh session (Qts 19-24) (Professional Responsibility)

OH GAWD HELP ME. At least I'm lucky that Washington doesn't have the MBE. I have 47 pages of handwritten notes to fully memorize. I have most of it down but I still have my trouble spots. I'm so excited that I'm nearing the end of this gawd-awful experience but I'm still a nervous wreck. The biggest reason why I don't want to fail is the fact that the passer's names are published and there's gonna be a heck of a lot of people looking for my name on that list, employers included. If I fail my first time is that grounds for terminating an employment contract?

In the meantime, I get by with help from Country Music Television. Especially this amazing video by Laura Bell Bundy (my bar exam pump up song):

I could watch this a million times and not get tired of it. She's so hot. I so want to be her- or at least have her cowboys :)


je said...

You can have her, I'll take the naughty cowboy! ;)

je said...

Oh, yeah... and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!