Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take Caution Before Revealing Your Innermost Secrets

You all know me as the smart, sophisticated (*cough*) former lawstudent and child herder that I am today. (Doesn't "child herder" make more sense than "mother"- I swear I spend half of my mothering time diverting my toddler from things like: the coffee maker, kitchen knives, the bottle of KY-Jelly (TMI?) by my bed, tile-grout cleaning toothbrushes (which he loves to use to brush his teeth), and overly priced electronics). But there was a time, long, long ago when I was the shiny beacon of nerdiness. What's that? Ok, fine, I'm still a nerd it's just that I can hide it better in public. But sometimes evidence of my past nerdiness leaks out into the community, scarring my reputation for life.

My husband works for a well known community organization. He is very involved in the community trying to raise money for a campaign. He often takes rich and important people and elected officials on tours of their local facility to solicite donations. Since he drives a suped up, two door, turbo-ized (is that a word?) Ford Probe. He has to use MY car to take people on tours. For some odd reason, important rich people don't like to cram into the back of compact cars, dangling their legs out the passenger window with the sound of a million revved up motorcycle engines buzzing in their ear. Crazy rich peeps.

Often times these rich important people are lawyers (oh, someday!, that could be me!). They see my Seattle University Law and the Loyola University Chicago window stickers and like to make small talk.

Rich Lawyer: "So did you go to school in Chicago?"
Husband: "No. Actually that was my wife."
Rich Lawyer: "Did she grow up there?"
Husband: "No, she really just wanted to go to school in Chicago."
Rich Lawyer: "It's a great city."
Husband: "Yeah. When she was in highschool, her hero was Indiana Jones."
Rich Lawyer: "ok..."
Husband: "The character of Indiana Jones apparently went to school in Chicago. My wife had never been to Chicago before but she really wanted to go to school there because Indiana Jones did." (OMG- HUSBAND- SERIOUSLY?! DID YOU HAVE TO GO THERE!)
Rich Lawyer: "So is the SU Law sticker yours?"
Husband: "No, that's my wife's too. She's studying for the bar exam."
Rich Lawyer: "You mean your wife wanted to be a lawyer instead of an archaeologist like Indiana Jones?"
Husband: "Yeah, I guess. I know, she's weird."

If this keeps up, no reputable law firm in my county will want to hire me. THANKS HUSBAND. At least he didn't tell Rich Important Lawyer that I had the name "Indy" put on my higschool track sweatshirt.

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Proto Attorney said...

That's awesome. If I were going to choose a school based on my favorite fictional character, I'd have to go with Oxford, since Fox Mulder went there. However, there's no way in hell Oxford would have accepted me, and I couldn't have paid for it even if they did. :)