Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Law School Is Holding My Career Hostage

Lawschool was a long, winding road. So many ups and so many downs. Many hours in the library pouring over books, cramming information into my brain. Many hours sitting in the classroom soaking up knowledge from my professors. Just as many hours sitting on the ferry or in my car. And after all that it seems like my school isn't quite ready to forget me.

I paid over $100,000.00 (count the zeros!) for my legal education. In addition to spending the equivalent of half a mortgage on my education, I ate at the school food bar three times a week. Bought a coffee from the school each day. Purchased over-priced candy bars at the school bookstore. Bought countless hoodies, coffee mugs and car stickers (and a pair of socks to cover my hands the day I forgot my gloves). Donated my locker deposit as a graduation gift. Stuffed coins into the school vending machines and parking meters.

And now, after all that money down the drain and into the greedy coffers of my law school, how do they repay me?

They hold my diploma hostage for an unpaid $12 library fine.

I feel like I've just been kicked in the rear, with a steel toed boot handcrafted just for me by Life Sucks A Big One.

And THAT, my friends, is why you always pay your library fines.


LEO said...

Ugh, my school did the same thing, except mine was a $40(!!) parking ticket. We had to put a parking sticker on our windshield in the lower left corner, and they seriously started giving people tickets if it was in the upper right corner.
Don't worry, you're almost free of their hold, then you'll just have to worry about the student loan companies ;)

Proto Attorney said...

That sucks. They held mine hostage because they said I didn't do the exit loan counseling, which I did. I had to spend an afternoon at the financial aid office redoing it, plus doing some other stuff that turned out to be pointless. Oh, and we had to pay $5 for our diplomas too.

I'm so glad to be done with college. What a rip-off.

paragon2pieces said...

omfg. i would be bitter about that one.