Monday, February 15, 2010

Too Much Fun, Not Enough Bar Prep

File this under "Pictures I Don't Remember Being Taken"

(broom guitar in the bathroom?)

Last year I took charge and planned Valentine's Day. This year I decided to keep the tradition going. I think it's a great idea for the girl to plan Valentine's Day (unless you have a super romantic spouse/partner/"special" friend). I may be overgeneralizing but I think most girls fantasize about romantic evenings on Heart day and have certain standards for what they expect or want (even if they pretend they don't care). And I think planning a romantic Heart day terrorizes the crap out of most guys who have no idea what to do but don't want to dissapoint. Plus, don't most guys have enough pressure planning the anniversaries?

Either way, I think it's good to split the holidays/events so that you can share equally in the planning responsibilities. I realized that if I always plan Heart Day, I will NEVER be dissapointed! This way (1) I get the Heart Day that I REALLY want and (2) Husband can enjoy it too without all the pressure.

This year I got a plan rolling with my husband's friend's girlfriends and we planned a whole day of fun as a triple date. The day was planned in three stages (1) an underground tour of Seattle (2) a horse carriage ride downtown while covertly drinking wine in plastic glasses (covertly, until the second bottle when we were cheersing everyone within earshot) (3) dinner at the Wild Ginger- an awesome asian inspired restaurant where everything on the menu is to DIE FOR. The guys had no idea. Each new stage was a complete surprise.

We even caught an early enough ferry home so that we could end the evening with a girls v. boys Cranium match. It was a total blast...definatelt the best Heart Day EVER. Until next year ;)


Tree Hugging 2L said...

i have been known to play the air guitar. we should start a band.

je said...

Good idea! I might steal it for anniversaries :) I really don't much care about Valentine's Day (and still being in school - doh - it falls at a crappy time in the semester). But our anniversary is when I long for romantic getaways that rarely materialize without some serious nagging on my part. Maybe this coming year, I'll just take over the duty!

Also, the air guitar picture? Hotttt!

Anonymous said...

I ate a lot of food on valentine's day. That is my idea of bliss.

FSD said...

smart idea to plan the V day. i'm a hopeless romantic (i'm a loyal bachelor fan, which skews my perception of "love" and "romance" sometimes), so i'm always hoping for something grand, and it never happens.

sounds like you had a great "heart" day!

btw--your air guitar in the bathroom photo was funny. looks like you were having a blast.

LEO said...

This is amazing! I sort of hate Valentines day, thought it was more fun when I could watch romantic comedies, drink wine and eat a box of chocolates with my girlfriends. But I do love being woooed for our anniversary. It sounds like such a fun idea, I'm sure your hubby appreciates the break from the pressure of always planning things like this.