Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dear Obama

Thank you for infusing the young generation of voters (that would be me!) with passion for the electoral process. Thank you for giving me something to vote for this election year besides more death and more taxes. I know what you do must be tough (I mean they don't let just anyone be President- you typically have to be old, white and rich) and I admire your every step. Don't feel bad about those ridiculous accusations against you. If it is any consolation at all, I will always know (even if no one else does) that you didn't plagerize your speeches. You are a great orator and your occusors are just being ridiculous because they are jealous of your campaign for change, your confidence, and your good looks.

I'm so happy that you are here. Without you, I would be packing up my collection of Desperate Housewives episodes, learning hockey & french and moving to Canada at this very minute. I am ready to put this country in your hands. I just know you will win, I knew it from the beginning. I have even pledged on multiple occassions that if you win, I will proudly tatoo your face on my arm...or was it my left butt cheek?

Remember when you were asked during the democratice debate if Bill Clinton was the nation's first black President and you said you'd have to investigate his dancing abilities first...that was pure AWESOMENESS. I just thought I should tell you that. Oh and I should also tell you that I fall asleep every night wearing my Obama '08 fleece jacket (despite the heat of my electric blanket) because it makes me feel that much closer to your incredibly good looking body the important issues that you stand for.

Do you think if you became president, it might be possible to do one itty bitty thing for me? Could you make law school two years instead of three? And since you're all about civil rights, maybe you would be willing to ban the socratic method as cruel and unusual? Or maybe you could just force all law schools to give students free food-- and put a cap on tuition rates? Or at least make all law students pass an "annoyance test" which will weed out "those guys" from future law school classrooms.

Oh, one more thing? If nothing else, do you think you could make it to my birthday party? I know you're a busy man so I thought I would give you a couple months notice. Did I mention that I'm going to name my child Barack Obama Palmer?

I love you times 100,

Your Friendly, Passionate, Newly Big-Bossomed, Obsessive Stalker


Law Student Hot Mama said...

I think that no matter what your political leanings are, you gotta think Obama is a hottie. He could totally plagarize my arse . . . wow . . . I am one sick woman.

Proto Attorney said...

I love Obama. Not just because he's hot, but because he's a good liberal.