Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome Baby Nephew!

Yesterday at 2:48pm, my first nephew was born! My sister in law delivered her healthy 8 lbs 1 oz baby surrounded by a lot of friends and family (too many if you ask me). He still doesn't have a name, but mommy and daddy are working on that right now. I was at school during the delivery but my husband was there, waiting outside the birthing room and texting me the play by play details.

I was able to skip my last class and arrive in time to hold my nephew when he was just three hours old. It was amazing! His skin was so soft, his features were just beautiful and he was sleeping so peacefully. I have never been that close to such a new life before. It was amazing to think that just hours ago he was living all snuggled up inside my sister in law's body.

My sister in law still looked worn out and tired in her delivery gown. But it was amazing to think that the independent, headstrong and at times wild girl had just become a mom. I remember thinking, "wow, I'm an Aunt" but the title "Aunt" didn't have as much of an effect on me as watching this new baby experience his first day in the world and witnessing my sister in law take the title of "mom."

When I finally got my turn, I picked him up and rocked him and immediatelt felt like I was in heaven. I couldn't take my eyes off this curious and wonderful new person. I can't begin to describe how wonderful it felt to just be there and the baby wasn't even mine! For the first time in my life, I was not afraid of giving birth and, in fact, I began to look towards my own baby's due date with extreme impatience and excitement. I never wanted to leave that room. Hours after my husband was finally able to drag me away, all I could think about was that new, little bundled up person with the tiny feet and soft chubby cheecks. Still, I'm completely distracted. All I can think about is August 29th, my own due date and how it cannot possibly come here soon enough.

Although I didn't get to watch the delivery- and I don't think I would have even if I was there- I learned a lot from my sister in law's experience. I learned that I do not want to make my baby's birth such a public affair, allowing anyone and everyone into the delivery room. I do not want to be surrounded by people watching in awe- as if I was on display in a fish tank- when my baby is placed in my arms for the first time or as I struggle to breast feed for the first time. I guess this was the case with my sister in law- she even allowed a not so close friend of her boyfriend stand at the forefront of the action and film the entire thing (ew! not for me!).

Instead, if I have it my way, the birth of Baby Palmer will be an intimate and private experience. I'm pretty quiet and modest and I would be very uncomfortable feeling as if my body was "on display." I want to share the special event with my husband and I want our new family to get to know each other and share just a little bit of bonding time before I bring in an audience. Hmm, I don't know for sure, but I think I'd also want to take a nap and a shower first (then enjoy the world's biggest margarita).


the dragonfly said...


It really is amazing. I was thankful that only my husband was there when my son was born (I gave birth in Germany)...but I wish my mom could have been around a few hours later. But even if we'd been in the States I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have let anyone else in the delivery room...

Law Student Hot Mama said...


Just think . . . it'll be EVEN BETTER when it's YOUR kid! I think choosing who to have in your room with you when you're birthing is definitely an individual decision . . . some people like that fishtank experience. Me? I was all about just my husband and me. Who else wants to see me poop on the delivery room table? Nobody, right?