Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Name Game

My husband and I have a hard time agreeing on all sorts of things: movies, cars, whether or not his jokes are funny (you can guess my position), and baby names.

I know that you aren't supposed to tell people your baby names because they will usually give you a million reasons why the name so dear heart will encourage bullies to fling huge boogers at your kid during recess and result in thousands of dollars worth of therapy. In my case, it doesn't matter because there are only three names in the world encyclopedia of names that my husband and I agree on. We're stuck with these choices, no matter what anyone else thinks.

I have a crazy feeling that we're having a boy. We won't know for sure for another five weeks or so, but for some odd reasons I'm pretty sure we will be buying a lot of blue. Also, Intelligender- which I know is not as acurate as claimed on the box, predicts boy. So, if we are having a boy, his name will likely be one of the following (unless I can talk my husband into the name Henry):

Nicholas "Cole" David Palmer: Actually I prefer just Cole David, but we decided we should give him a more common official name so he has options in case he hates the name Cole. Or in case that booger flinging bully decides to call him "lump of coal" or something horrific.

Benjamin David Palmer: David is my husband's middle name and the name of my father in law, so we're pretty set on that. There is no way we're using my dad's name. Roger just seems like an old person's nam...shudder. I have always thought Benjamin was a cute name and, luckily, it's one of the few my husband also likes.

Girls names are the hardest for me. I like very few of them to begin with, including ALL the names my husband likes. For a while, we had no girls names picked out. We've slowly come across these names which are starting to grow on us:

Jane Elizabeth Palmer: Yep, plain Jane. I love it, it's classic and timeless. We didn't actually get to the topic of middle names so I'm taking some liberties here. For middle names, I also like Emily, Evelyn or Emma.

Ava Elizabeth Palmer: That is my absolute favorite (pronounced Ay-vah). I may still have to win my husband over but, I will have my way in the end, I just know it (after hours of sleepless, foodless, painful labor, how can he refuse?).


Law Student Hot Mama said...

I like Benjamin. I like Ava, too, but I'm scared to name my kid anything too trendy. For a girl I like Ella .. . though I'm sure my husband would disagree. He has some insanity about wanting a name with a hrad consanant in it. Glad I don't have to worry about it until the next kid! My mom was trying to weigh in on my son's name . . . and I got to tell her "Um, I name the kid. You don't." Good luck!

the dragonfly said...

We picked a name, told everyone, and then at 26 weeks I told my husband I wasn't really happy with it. So we changed it. My mother-in-law was mad, she wouldn't talk about him by name until he was born (instead, she said "that baby"!), but oh well. He's our son, we can name him what we want!

I like the names you picked. I really like Cole.

Brittmae said...

I also like Ava, Ben and Cole, but I have been worried that Ava has been too trendy. Let's just say I was named a very popular 80's name and grew up having 5-6 other girls with the same name in my class--all the time. I just don't want to curse a child with the same thing.

But I think you have some nice options-can't really go wrong!

Cee said...

I didn't know Ava was trendy until AFTER I picked it. Then I looked up the meaning and saw it on the top ten list. But oh well, I'm already attached to it.

Anonymous said...

Cole is awesome. Don't settle for Nicholas if you prefer Cole!

Proto Attorney said...

I really love the name Cole. Reminds me of Cole Porter, the songwriter. It's a good choice.

I also love the name Evelyn, "Evie" for short, but Husband worked with a nurse he hated whose name was Evelyn, so we'll never use the name. :(