Monday, March 3, 2008

Hi. I'm Pregnant, And Your Name Is...?

I wasn't afraid to tell my employer that I was pregnant. I had the feeling he would take the news well. I was right. He told me that the firm would be happy to accomodate any of my new needs- if I was sick, I could work from home. It was a better reaction than I thought. However, there is one thing that makes me regret telling my boss so early.

Whenever he introduces me to someone for the first time, he does it like this, "This is Cee, she is our legal intern. She's pregnant." Great...this makes for REALLY REALLY awkward introductions with semi-important people such as judges, community leaders and fellow attorneys (aka: potential future employers). Usually, the person on the otherside of the introduction has no idea how to respond, I wouldn't either, and a full minute of silence ensues.

Our firm is interviewing people for an associate position. My boss has his heart set on one applicant in particular. He took our fim out for lunch with this applicant today and he drove us all in his own car. We all hop in, applicant in the front seat and me squished in the back middle seat. The first thing he says as we pull onto the street: "Cee, how is your morning sickness." Um, ok...awkward. Not something I really want to discuss with a stranger. This lady doesn't even know my name but she knows I'm pregnant and she probably assumes I'm going to puke all over her at lunch. THANKS. A LOT.

The worst part about other people announcing my pregnancy, is that everyone automatically responds by looking at my belly. I'm not showing yet, I'm only 14 weeks along. LEAVE MY INNOCENT BELLY OUT OF THIS PEOPLE!

I should just wear a shirt that says, "Ask me about my morning sickness" or "Hi, I'm pregnant."


the dragonfly said...

Everyone knew when I was pregnant. I didn't tell complete strangers, of course, but I'm sure some of them guessed even before I was showing. I always had my hand on my belly, I was just so amazed at the fact that I was pregnant after three years of trying.

But you're right, not exactly a conversation starter with a stranger!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Don't worry . . . soon you'll look like a whale and everybody will know! :-) Heh.

Pendullum said...

Oh,that is sad that he has chosen to go about your pregnancy that way...
I never showed up until the last month... or maybe I hid it well?
And it was never an issue with my job...