Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tangible & Transient

Last night as I lay on my husband's chest while we were falling asleep, I felt so comfortable and so in love with him. His arm was wrapped around me and his soft breath skimmed across the top of my head. As I caressed his chest with my hand, I felt like I was holding the world. As if I was surrounded by everything that ever mattered in this life. I realized that if it was possible to physically clasp onto happiness, it would feel just like my husband's warm body felt wrapped within my content arms.

Then I had a horrible and morbid thought.

My evenings with my husband are numbered and limited. This is something that I cannot fully fathom but, nonetheless, keeps gnawing at the back of my thoughts. Right now, there is a tally of the remaining days and nights that I have with him and, worst of all, I don't know what that tally is. There will be a day when I no longer have these evenings. It's such a sad thought but it makes me wrap my arms around him a little tighter and treasure these moments just a little bit more.


Proto Attorney said...

It's tough, believe me, but always make time for each other, no matter what. No matter how much you love the little bundle of joy, you have to still put your marriage, and yourself, first. Only then can you be the best parents. It's easy to get lost in all the baby-ness, baby this, baby that, oh, look at the baby! Find a regular sitter now, and when the baby comes, go out often! It's good for all of you!

Cee said...

Thanks for the advice! I will definately take it to heart!