Thursday, May 22, 2008

99 Days of Pregnancy To Go

I've been singing that to the tune of "99 bottles of beer on the wall" for the past ten minutes but I had to stop. Because I'm craving beer like a hungover, fake-ID-wielding frat boy.

With all my energy focused on my new job and the hundreds of research assignments I've already been given, I haven't had much time to think about being pregnant. Except for every time I go to the bathroom (I have to walk out of the office and around the elevator to get there and I swear, the receptionists keeps track of how many times I go during the day), or whenever a volley of rough kicks erupts from my belly, or whenever sudden immense hunger strikes out of nowhere, or when I see people pushing little babies, or when I get asked for the hundredth time how I'm doing.

Ok, so it's never far from my mind. Especially now that I have less than a hundred days before this baby comes and I haven't even STARTED the nursery. I haven't bought a crib. Haven't decided on a stroller. Haven't picked out a rocking chair. I haven't decided what color to paint the walls or figured out where to get new curtains. Oh well. It doesn't matter, because I'm less than 100 days away from tossing back an entire beer! Oh yeah, and holding Baby Palmer.

Tonight, riding home from Olive Garden with the leftovers in a paper bag on my lap, the most unusual thing happened. I was sitting there and absentmindedly looking out the window when I caught a whiff of the best scent to ever reach my nose. It was vaguely familiar but I had never smelled it this strong before. It smelled...delicious. I wanted to eat that dang smell. But what was it? I looked down at my lap and realized that it was not coming from the leftovers but from the PAPER BAG!

"This is the best smelling paper bag in the world!" I shouted to husband. He shot me a crazy look but I continued to shove the bag in my face and breath in it's crispness. Believe me, I would have eaten that paper bag whole if I didn't know better.


Butterflyfish said...

ahhh, heightened sense of smell and pica. I miss being pregnant.

the dragonfly said...

When I was pregnant there were no excellent smells. Just okay smells and smells that made me instantly sick.


Googie Baba said...

You are so funny. Thanks for the running advice on my blog. I really admire how you have taken care of yourself by exercising through your pregnancy. But lay off the paper, k?

Tranny Head said...

Mmm . . . paper. Make sure to check out New Duck's entries on her own pica obsession with cement when she was preggo.

I was really into the smell of gasoline when I was pregnant - I swear I could have drunk it.

postscript said...

One of my teachers is pregnant, and when one of my friends walked into class one day with a bag of cheetos, she then spent about ten minutes telling how all the smells were driving her crazy.