Friday, May 16, 2008

Much Deserved Freedom

It has been an awful past two weeks. I probably spent about 10 hours per day preparing for exams or completing final papers. That's like 140 hours! Sadly, that's probably more than I have studied all semester for my classes. But I'm FINALLY FREE!

I slacked off so much but the ironic thing is that I think this will be my best semester. Maybe law students just get more efficient with each semster. Or is it that we have greater ability to bullshit?

It feels great being an official 3L! One more year and I'm done with law school. Oh wait, then there's the bar prep course. Oh yeah and the bar exam. The only other profession that has it this bad is the medical profession. My brother just graduated from his undergrad with a degree in mechanical engineering. Right out of undergraduate school he was offered jobs everywhere-- like CAREER jobs (unlike lawyers, engineers have a job outlook). He is going to be making big bucks right away.

Lawyers have to slave for an additional three years, take a big nasty bar exam and even after that, landing a job is a tough thing. At least where I live. But I think maybe it's because we have greater power to change the world. The more I learn about law, the more I realize how powerful the profession really is. The country we live in, what we can and cannot do, the definition of our very "fundamental liberties" is shaped by lawyers and judges. Do people go to lawschool for power? I did it because I had nothing better to do.

Anyway, I am taking next semester off to just be a mom. I'm really excited to pursue the domestic life for a while. Cooking like Martha Stewart, watching the Food Network, spending time with my baby and *cough* dropping him off at my mom's to run and shop. But it's so hard to believe that I wont have another law school class until next January or that my next final is not until a year from now. I hope I don't forget how to be a law student. I hope I don't lose my momentum. As silly as it sounds, I already am excited to chose my next classes.

Here's to summer, and leaves of absence, the sun that is finally out, and miles and miles of running trail ahead of me.


postscript said...


I bet that being a student is like riding a bike--you'll pick it up again quickly.


the dragonfly said...


Enjoy your time home with your son. It's hard work being a mom, but I love it. :)

LL said...

Congrats on being 2/3 a lawyer!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Good call on taking the semester off . . . . I literally returned to class two weeks after having my baby and IT SUCKED!!! (Though it IS helping me get through the abomnation that is law school faster.) Hooray for getting another semester over with!

Googie Baba said...

I think taking a semester off is a great call. A newborn is so much work, and I think you will be glad to concentrate on being a mom.

Kim said...

I think it's great that you're taking a semester off. I imagine it will really help you re-fresh and re-charge for the home stretch. Good for you!

Proto Attorney said...

It's great you get to take the semester off! You'll be all rested up with a baby that sleeps through the night by the time you go back to school!