Monday, May 12, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Just a few random pregnant things.

Did I mention how much I love stretchy maternity pants? Every pair of pants should have a stretchy elastic panel! No more buttons, no more zippers- just pull them up or down like sweats! It's imposssible to get a "muffin top." And when you eat too much- they expand with you! Uncle Beer Gut really could use a pair.

My belly is getting bump-licious. I'm actually starting to enjoy it. It looks so funny! I look like a normal skinny person who swallowed a small soccer ball- not a full sized one yet. I'm the same everywhere else, but I have a very spherical waist. It's so alien-like to me. Especially when the baby kicks and I can see it. When he kicks it looks like those big bugs that crawl under people's skin in the movie The Mummy.

This week I will be 25 weeks- almost my third trimester. My gawd, it's gone by so fast! So far I have almost gained 14 pounds- some of that is extra leg muscle from running- but I'm hungry all the time and I eat like I've never eaten before. Husband and I were watching a movie and 25 minutes into it he had to pause it so I could get a snack. The snack consisted of: a blueberry toaster waffle covered in syrup, vanilla yogurt, and an apple. He looked at me like I was crazy, eating a waffle at 10:30pm.

My belly is almost getting in the way of certain hygene tasks. Shaving my legs isn't bad, but my belly is obstructing my view of certain other areas that I probably shouldn't mention. It's almost time to get a hand mirror...

A couple times this week, one of my boobs leaked a little. Not a lot- in fact, very very little. But it definately caught me off guard and it kind of freaks me out, just because nothing like that in the history of my boobs has ever happened before. It reminds me what they will be used for in a couple months and that is a difficult thing for me to grasp right now, without a baby in my arms. Still, if this pregnancy has taugh me anything it's how amazing our bodies really are and the fact that they can do incredible things to sustain life- in my case, two lives.


Googie Baba said...

I can't believe you have only gained 14lbs. I'm so impressed. I gained 80, yes 80 pounds throughout my pregnancy. If I am ever pregnant again, I will definitely try and keep the weight gain to a minimum.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I gained 35 lbs. total.

And I SO agree about maternity pants - especially maternity jeans which are FAR superior to regular jeans.

Also? It also weirded me out when I saw the baby kick from underneath my stomach and I could totally pick out a foot.