Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This week I started my new job. It's not just any job. It's THE Job. The job I hope will lead to my future career as an attorney. This strange new place, bustling with energy, laughter and the frenzeid activity of intelligent, good-humored lawyers with almost too many cases to handle, is where I want to start my legal career.

I went from a firm of two attorneys in a run down town to a firm of fifteen attorneys in the heart of bustling Seattle. The differences are night and day. Instead of twiddling my thumbs waiting for new assignments to come my way, I am juggling four research projects to be completed ASAP. My boss, Managing Partner, throws out f-bombs like they are going out of style. When I was receiving an assignment from an associate, I noticed a draft document on his desk that had been revised by Managing Partner. His thick, red sharpe scrawl was unmistakable. It red "Are you kidding me? F--- you." across the page, following by a smiley face with additional notes in the margins. Interesting way to revise your associates' work, I guess.

On my first day they threw me a welcome party. Twelve employees gathered around me and a large plate full of celebratory bagels and spread. With all eyes on me, the dreaded question came, "Tell us about yourself." That has to be the WORST question in the world. I never have a good answer. Two jobs ago, before I knew better, my interviewer asked me that question and I blankly answered, "uhm, well, I'm a nerd." After I barely squeaked by on that question, Managing Partner told me I had to reveal what my nickname was or else they would be forced to create one for me. I have until the next all-attorney meeting to come up with something. Do I really have to admit that my college roomates called me "Cheep" because I reminded them of a bird?

Anyway, there are pluses and minuses about my new job (although, the pluses far outweigh the minuses).

+ Fancy building on the 22nd floor (just walking through the pretentious building is enough to encourage me to come to work- I feel so important)
+ Fancy new paycheck-- omg, if they pay their INTERNS this well, I'm excited to find out how much they pay new associates
+ Right across from Nordstroms and Cheesecake Factory (where I can blow my fancy new paycheck)
+ Everyone is friendly, good-humored and laid back.
+ The office fosters a "balanced" lifestyle. Very family friendly.
+ Many coworkers are new parents
+ My own little office (yes it's small and bare- but it's mine. AND it has an outside window).
+ I get to devote 2 hours a day to reading during my ferry commute.
+ company reimbursement for travel
+ millions of fun lunch options within walking distance
+ learning how to practice law from some amazing people: former Federal Intelligence Officers, Attorneys who have litigated cases in Federal Court, etc. All geniouses, I swear.

- keeping track of my billable hours, EW. So much work.
- having to worry for the first time about incurring Westlaw charges for the company (I used to use my free school log in).
- commuting by ferry
- walking a mile to work and a mile back (its much better than waiting for Seattle buses)
- having a ton of coworkers around to watch my belly get huge this summer
- The office doors do not have names on them- I awkwardly stumble around poking my head into offices until I come across the person I'm supposed to meet with.


the dragonfly said...

Wow! Sounds like you're starting on a new adventure. :) You'll keep us updated on how it's going, right?

(I could never commute by ferry. Just thinking about it makes me rather ill...)

emily1274 said...

I've enjoyed your blog! I'm starting law school in the fall. Good luck with your baby! :)

Tranny Head said...

Ah, you gotta love the summer associate schmooze! Have fun with the wining and dining (ok, not so much on the wining for you) . . .

By the way, I noticed you're UNDER 100 days now for the arrival of the new baby! Hooray!