Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Little About My Husband

My husband is pretty meticulous. Drying my hands with his bath towel is on parr with cheating. If I drop the smallest cherry stem on the dining room floor- he will notice. Every morning, the bedroom drapes HAVE to be opened or there will be some 'splaining to do (I still don't know why this one is so important). Helping him shop for work shirts is as painful as burning your forehead with a curling iron. (This shirt is too blue, this shirt has too many stripes, this shirt looks just like one he already has- except it's totally different.)

He's also obsessed with ironing. He irons everything from his work pants and shirts to his jeans to make that nice crease in the front. In order to keep his pants looking newly pressed, he takes them off the second he walks in the house and switches to sweats. Sometimes, there is a window between the time he takes off his pants and puts on his sweats- you know if he gets too caught up doing the dishes or reading car websites and blogs.

Sometimes I walk into the living room to find him sitting at his computer or doing various other things wearing a t-shirt, socks and his boxer briefs. I know wearing socks without pants is supposed to be a major faux paux. But I can't help thinking he is the cutest person alive in this rather strange assortment of clothing.


the dragonfly said...

I think your husband is the polar opposite of mine. And I think mine is adorable, too. :)

Tranny Head said...

Several Thoughts:

1. His OCD will totally disappear when he has a baby who projectile vomits all over the place and sprays poo on the walls like a monkey.

2. My hubby is also obsessed with ironing and wears that same outfit.