Saturday, May 24, 2008


I've been doing research for a work place sexual harassment case. It's pretty interesting stuff. The case law reads like stories of ridiculously uncouth and indecent men who have lived their entire lives without absorbing a single behavioral cue from society.

I can't believe what some people will do at the work place and in front of employees. There is a case of one guy who told a woman that no man in his right man wouldn't rape her. There is a case of a guy telling his employee, whom he had been trying to date, about his sexcapades with prostitutes- yeah, because that will win her over.

My favorite case, however, is a case where a man repeadetly refers to his wife as "Astrobitch." I read this and shrieked with laughter. The paralegal outside my office started giving me weird looks. She probably thought I was watching a Youtube video. Who knew studying case law could be so entertaining.

It's awful what these people do, don't get me wrong, sexual harassment is so intolerable and just reading about it gives me chills. I almost can feel the sting and embarassment of the words. However, I have to give some credit to the term "Astrobitch."

Astrobitch. It's ingenious. It gives the impression of a snarling woman with a temper of galactic proportions and the stinging bite of a parana. I can think of a few people that this word describes perfectly.


postscript said...

Good to hear that you like your job ;)

S. said...

HA! The summer after my 1L year I worked for a federal district court judge and it seemed like all we got that summer was motions for summary judgment for sexual harassment cases. I felt the exact same way as you. It made me want to do employment law simply because the case law is sooo incredibly entertaining. I just pictured all those poor judges (or their clerks/interns) trying to come up with dignified, formal ways of writing "crotch" and "shoved his tongue down her throat."

Tranny Head said...

Dude - I worked on a case where the guy sat in a chair in front of the conference room door (blocking the woman's exit) and masturbated in her general direction because he was CONVINCED she wanted a piece. Eww.