Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Bad Scales

I had another OB appointment today. I HATE them. I sat in the waiting room for forty minutes just to be brought into the exam room to wait for another twenty minutes. All that waiting for a seven minute look over by my doctor. All she does is take my blood pressure, listen to the baby's heart rate and...(gulp) weigh me. What a waste of time. With the right tools, I could have done that.

Being weighed at the doctor's office every couple weeks is absolutely THE WORST. I don't want to measure my pregnancy in pounds. I don't want to be reminded how big I might get. And I don't want to know (or anyone else to know for that matter) how much I gained since last time I was in. Sometimes, my weight is the same. Sometimes (the weeks that I eat the healthiest, of course) my weight sharply spikes upward.

Anyway, an hour before I had to leave for my appointment, I was thinking of ways to make myself seem lighter. The following is the list of a crazy person, driven by desperation, of ways to lose a couple ounces before meeting the Big Bad Scales:

  • Toss aside sneakers and socks for a pair of lightweight crocs. I usually let them weigh me in my shoes because I don't want to make a big deal about taking them off. I don't want them to realize how anal and obsessed I am over pregnancy weight gain. But, who am I kidding? Let them know that I'm desperate for some false sense of control and normalcy.

  • Get a haircut. I mean a couple inches of hair can really add up right?

  • Try to poop.

  • Crank up the bathroom heater and sweat out the excess moisture.

  • Go bra-less. Who needs a bra anyway? It's the OB, there's nothing she hasn't seen.

  • Remove extra hair accessories, watches and jewelry.
That's gotta be good for 1.5 pounds at least, right? Well, something worked because when I stepped on the scale, I weighed the same as my last check up. Woo hoo!

So I rewarded myself with a big, deep fried, powdered donut. :)


postscript said...

I don't know how I would feel about gaining weight while pregnant, but my gut reaction is to try and relax about it. It's not all you gaining the weight, it's the baby growing.

But yeah, I agree that I wouldn't want a pregnancy to be measured in pounds. During tennis season, I try to avoid weighing myself, because I want to track how fit I'm getting by what I can do.


Law Student Hot Mama said...

So, I have a story for you.

For a long time when I was preggo I didn't gain anything. Then suddenly I started to gain a lot. (I gained 35 lbs total.) Anyway, my normal OB wasn't there and it was this WOMAN OB (I hate those). She was like "Umm. . . you put on 6 lbs this month. You're a healthy weight and are only supposed to gain 15 to 20 lbs. total."

Umm . . . come again? I was PISSED! Who ever heard of that? I thought it was 25-35 lbs. NOBODY gains less than that. Anyway, I thought she was an uber biotch because honestly you don't have that much control over how much you're gaining anyway when preggo. I gained NOTHING and ate a TON for a long time, then I ate NOTHING and gained a TON at the end. She looked like an anemic shrew and I was pissed off.

I also used to wait to eat lunch until after my OB appointments. And if you have to wait THAT long in the doctor's office before being seen, you should get a new OB! That just sucks.

Anonymous said...

one word of caution - if you have ultrasounds, being dehydrated can make your amniotic fluid levels look low. i used to try not to eat or drink the morning of my appts b/c my doctors were like lawstudenthotmama's and would make faces if i gained more than a pound a week. then one day i went in after going to the gym and not eating or drinking, and they said i had dangerously low amniotic fluid and i was hospitalized and put on an IV for 2 days, then put on bed rest for a week. turned out everything was fine once i was hydrated. so be careful with that game! better to be a pound heavier but not on bed rest - then you can't work out and you really put on the weight and your muscles atrophy, ugh.